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Napioa - Wind Origins
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comment Which lens will fill the kit lens gap on the Canon 550D/Rebel Ti?
+1 for this answer. The 24-105 f/4 L IS USM is the perfect "walkabout" or general purpose lens. And as you rightly said, sets you up perfectly for moving up to a full frame sensor like an EOS 5D.
comment Can digital photo frames display slideshows from large photo collections on a USB harddrive?
It might do, but you'd have to wait until after the disk has finished booting up first before plugging it into the frame and it may only read FAT32 formatted drives and not NTFS or EXT3/4 as it's probably expecting a USB pen which are FAT32. Also some drives may behave differently for example if the frame ever went to sleep, or the disk may spin down during times of inactivity and may not come back again without being rebooted. In short: "your mileage may vary" :)
comment When travelling, how do I decide what's interesting enough to be photographed
Usually when I give up the idea of something I'll keep at least a couple of the shots and then move onto shooting something else. It's good to keep at least a few shots even if they're a failed attempt just as a mark of reference to try it again if the opportunity arrises.
comment What percentage of your photos are actually good ones?
Thanks, Robert! It was taken at the end of a day trip to Bristol. Definitely made the 4 hour drive worthwhile :)
comment What percentage of your photos are actually good ones?
Thanks! I'd say 1:10 is about average for the people I usually take photos with. I know that these two photos took about 10 attempts each until I was happy and moved onto try something else: and