Time to be with your loved ones

Time to be with loved ones

by sat

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Software Development Engineer at Amazon.com

Non-exhaustive list of my favorite languages:

  • C, C++, x86 ASM
  • C#, Java, .NET CIL/MSIL

Experience in compiler development, OS kernel memory management, web applications, web crawlers, data mining, 3D raytracing, and data compression algorithm design.

Oh yes, and an obsessive-compulsive reader of Jeff Atwood's blog. I have fifteen different articles open as I type this.

"I want my ER doctor to understand anatomy, even if all she has to do is put the computerized defibrillator nodes on my chest and push the big red button, and I want programmers to know programming down to the CPU level, even if Ruby on Rails does read your mind and build a complete Web 2.0 social collaborative networking site for you with three clicks of the mouse." -- Joel Spolsky

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revised How do I select all pixels that match an exact color value in Adobe Photoshop?
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revised Why does Adobe Photoshop discard certain EXIF fields?
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