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comment Can I revert 'Color Sketch' mode on a Nikon camera?
If JPEG is all you've got, converting to black and white might relieve the effect somewhat - not completely undoing, but at least somewhat hiding the processing.
comment Does Canon make an L series lens with a plastic lens mount?
Pentax does have some lenses (18-55, 55-200, 55-300) that come with plastic mount in kits (the "DA L" - L as in Light - version), and metal mounts ("DA") when purchased separately.
comment How can I photograph welding?
@PengTuckKwok True, ND filters will provide the exposure correction as well, but filters in general are prone to cause ghost reflections when pointed to light sources, especially when stacked, so they are an inferior solution when the light source is the main subject.
comment What are the disadvantages of super-zoom cameras compared to binoculars?
I doubt the projection size argument. The image circle projected by binoculars is equal to their exit pupil size, which reaches 7 mm (DMC-FZ70 sensor diameter) on only the largest binoculars. Through EVF, a super-zoom camera projects the image similarly for the whole eye to see.
comment What is the best way for a hobbyist to start generating income from photos?
Have you got any examples of successful long tail producers? AFAIK, long tail really benefits only aggregation and search providers, not producers who need to provide wide selection at low demand.
comment How to photograph your hand such that it appears that it is in a computer screen?
Screen's borders and being out-of-focus would come from the photo taken in first step
comment What is the purpose of a dual LED flash?
Are there any models that actually allow controlling the ratio of two LEDs?
comment Megapixel race unnecessary?
Yes, unless you're shooting wildlife - which is exactly what many amateurs like to do.
comment What are Medium Format and Large Format cameras?
AFAIK 6×9cm and 6×17cm are regarded as medium format too, so the 6×7 seems a bit low for medium format's upper limit. I'd go with the 4"×5" as borderline between formats.
comment How to photograph a room showing both room & view out a window?
Could add a bit more details, perhaps add some examples? AFAIK rooms go darker too in dusk, so the ratio will still be the same. With artificial lighting switched on, the white balance of light inside and outside will mismatch.
comment How to tell if a roll of film has been exposed?
My Pentax MZ-6 has motorized rewind, and leaving the leader out is an option in settings (useful if you'd like to switch between films).
comment What are the advantages of leaving an ND filter on a lens at all times?
An ND2 filter reduces light by factor of 2, i.e. 1 stop. Your calculations seem to be using 2 stops.
comment How to set the starting number for filenames on a SD card with a Sony camera?
At least for my Pentax cameras, this trick works. I suppose it'd be easier to rename the file on spot instead of download>rename>upload.
comment Emulating Film Black and White in Digital: From Pictures to Print
Both of those links compare digital sensors with color film. This question, however, is about black-and-white phptography, where film can have an advantage, e.g. TMax with its 15...20 stops of DR
comment Why is this aerial picture of an airplane in flight not blurry?
OP seems to be expecting motion blur, not necessarily blur from a thin depth of field.
comment which brand ecosystem is more open for hacking?
I'd say having a hack running in the camera does win hands down against having to keep a computer connected.
comment What is butterfly lighting, and when do I use it?
Lighter is a bit confusing in context of lights, did you mean brighter or weaker?
comment How can I retrieve internal memory photos on D3100?
Probably won't help the original poster any more, but what about connecting the camera to PC while demo images are still in memory?
comment Is ND400 insufficient for some sun moments?
To stop the glass down further than f/33, you could make cardboard aperture discs (a la Lensbaby).
comment Is ND400 insufficient for some sun moments?
@AndreiRinea Since you're using a small aperture (and taking in the diffraction) anyway, there might be cheaper DIY options to explore. For example, a pinhole at the end of a 1700mm DIY tube plus the ND400. Or a 1000mm f/33 lens element (sorry, I couldn't find longer focal lengths in a quick search) at the end of a ~960mm tube (design the device so it allows you to move the glass back and forth for focusing), plus the ND400.