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comment How to enable Canon AF with teleconverter?
@peter_budo I rarely ever use a TC, especially with a slowish lens, so I haven't needed to act upon this advice; and currently I don't have any Canon stuff at hand. That said, it's hard to imagine how trying this out would not be worth the piece of tape and couple of minutes it takes when you'd need the AF.
comment When should I prefer 2-way or 4-way macro focusing rails?
Perhaps macro 3D imaging would also benefit from the 4-way rails.
comment How do I get over my shyness when taking photos of strangers?
@ManiacOne thanks for the notice, apparently spammers had taken over that site. I replaced the link.
comment Workflow tool for Race number OCR
Having done both race photography and software development in considerable amounts, I doubt pure OCR would give any satisfying results. Perhaps on car races. But on human participants, the bibs are so often folded and/or partially hidden that fixing all the resulting errors would still require sifting through the whole batch.
comment How do I take flattering photos of people with acne (scarring)?
@teylyn The product is a physical filter that takes time to screw on a lens, and the nature of demonstrated feature requires a human model (preferably alive one). The pose and lighting in images looks similar enough to draw conclusions; unfortunately, the low resolution hides any effect of the filter.
comment What is the Rule of Odds?
With just one element in focus, the problem of eye ending up at negative space should not occur. So the effect comes down to how easy it is to visually pair the objects.
comment Is the Nokia Lumia 1020 a suitable replacement for my aging Canon G3?
Support situation isn't that much better in camera department. E.g. the G3 firmware was released around 2003; EOS 5D, replaced by mkII in 2008, received its latest update in 2009.
comment Is there a way to determine if photo was taken at sunrise or sunset?
With a digital image, EXIF timestamp would be my first thing to look for.
comment Which prime lens for Pentax?
And the 560mm is missing from this list, too (pushing the 300mm and 31mm down to 3rd and 4th most expensive).
comment DIY Vignette Measuring
A cloudy sky outdoors should act as a softbox big enough for lighting evenly any reasonable sized even surface you might want to use for your tests as long as there are no nearby objects casting their shine or shadow upon the area.
comment What are practical advantages of Compact cameras over DSLR?
Background blur is harder to achieve with compacts, but it can be done, especially in close range as in the example here. Near macro, the deeper DOF might even be an advantage. And a DSLR can be shot with the inevitable backup DSLR :)
comment What is the purpose of a dual LED flash?
@drfrogsplat Thanks for the hint, edited.
comment How do I determine the actual calibrated specifications of a Holga?
Not sure about correctness of such measurements, aren't the light rays already concentrated at the described locations? Given the measurement logic in linked article, e.g. 200mm f/2.8 lens would be physically impossible for any 35mm mount since there isn't enough room in camera for fitting a 71mm light pole. Instead, the effective aperture, i.e. how big the aperture looks from front side of lens, should be measured.
comment What is the difference Focus mode and AF-Area mode?
Auto Area AF seems to imply face detection according to Nikon's materials
comment Why aren't devices with two cameras more popular?
The parallax difference should be around couple of pixels for an object at 3 meters (10 feet). Yes, the dual camera could be added to a popular smartphone. Will the effort be taken just to get ~1 EV extra low light performance (the only application appealing to wider audience)? Sounds unlikely.
comment Where can I find a canonical list of the latest firmware for Canon cameras?
@Hugo Note that the list covers recent updates, not just recent models, so even if the 1Ds were to be updated, it should appear there.
comment Will Canon Cameras fit all Canon lenses?
What about EF-M lenses?
comment What can I do about Pentax superzoom 18-270 autofocus problems?
Have you tested with any other lenses to make sure that the camera body is not the faulty part?
comment Do bigger focal lengths capture more light?
Even the kit lens has an increasing aperture (especially if you consider kit lenses with longer zoom ranges, e.g 18-135), it just increases somewhat slower than focal length. It should be mentioned though that it's the effective aperture discussed here; physically, the blades are placed on the optical path somewhere where the light rays are condensed (otherwise there would be no room for aperture blades when they are fully open). In variable aperture zooms, the width of rays at aperture depends on zoom; in fixed aperture lenses, it doesn't.
comment How to calculate the optimal pinhole size?
@MattGrum if you could describe how increasing/decreasing hole size affects those properties, that'd be awesome (and also an answer to what I'm asking here)