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comment Why is AF slow in Live View on DSLRs?
@kazanaki Yes, by using contrast detection AF they face the same problems. In the 4 years since this question was asked, several DSLR and mirrorless models have appeared that use hybrid AF alleviating the slowness by using phase detection AF sensors embedded in imaging sensor for quickly providing rough focus match which can then be fine-tuned by contrast detection.
comment What makes a Carl Zeiss lens so special in a smartphone?
And here it is, the Leica smartphone - Panasonic Lumix CM1
comment Why are blown highlights particularly bad in digital photography?
@supercat most likely, in principle you would be merging a monochrome HDR (of monochrome images from different color channels) and then toning it. With a CCD sensor, smear could ruin the weaker channel. Perhaps someone would know more when you'd ask again as a separate question. Or you could just try as an experiment.
comment Why isn't my variable-aperture photo more interesting?
Absolutely, although it wouldn't be the technique this question was asking about. And intended usage might limit how much you can post-process (e.g. competition rules might forbid fusing multiple exposures).
comment Why is manual focus off after installing a 45° split-prism focus screen?
In the easiest case, the focus screen has been inserted wrong side up.
comment Why use JPEG instead of RAW?
There has been a question for comparing RAW vs JPEG neutrally (including JPEG's advantages) on the site since day 1 - What are the pros and cons when shooting in RAW vs JPEG?
comment Can I enable pixel binning on Canon PowerShot G1X?
S-to-L scale does refer to resolution on this camera, options for compression ratio are Fine/Normal (manual pages 57-58).
comment Is digiscoping a good alternative to using a super-telephoto lens for birding?
It must be noted, though, that a DSLR was used without mirror lock-up; serious digiscopers seem to prefer mirrorless cameras for less weight and less shake during exposure (which might have helped with sharpness). Also, photographer's experience was strong with lenses and none with scopes.
comment How to take unreal looking flower shots?
Scanography is actually a genre of photography (using light-sensitive device/material to produce an image), so it is a photograph albeit not taken using a camera. Perhaps the most accessible way of digital large format.
comment Are the aperture, ISO and shutter speed stops perfectly interchangeable?
ISO also often affects dynamic range; and on film, grain size.
comment How can I hack 35mm film into a 120mm camera and have it safely received?
You can rewind to the spool of the original cassette by rotating the spool end with fingers while hands and film are still in the bag. Once rewound, the cassette can be taken out.
comment What is the definition of portrait photography?
@Ian that has been discussed here: Can the subject of a portrait be an animal?
comment Why do macro lenses have such recessed front elements?
To me, the answer seems to be here - (Yes, it can be done...) The extra-long exterior provides stability. Considering the thin depth of field, a slight wobble would have significantly more effect in macro compared to far-distance telephotography.
comment What is the Rule of Odds?
@AndyBlankertz Rule of Fibonacci is about placement, not number of objects like Rule of Odds, so they are not mutually exclusive
comment What is the Rule of Odds?
@MichaelBorgwardt while my answer states 3 objects always form a line or triangle, placing objects inside each other would actually form neither of them. E.g. you could take a picture of a jar containing a drinking glass containing a shot glass - 3 similar objects, but no line or triangle. Such arrangement is exceptionally rare though.
comment How to enable Canon AF with teleconverter?
@peter_budo I rarely ever use a TC, especially with a slowish lens, so I haven't needed to act upon this advice; and currently I don't have any Canon stuff at hand. That said, it's hard to imagine how trying this out would not be worth the piece of tape and couple of minutes it takes when you'd need the AF.
comment When should I prefer 2-way or 4-way macro focusing rails?
Perhaps macro 3D imaging would also benefit from the 4-way rails.
comment How do I get over my shyness when taking photos of strangers?
@ManiacOne thanks for the notice, apparently spammers had taken over that site. I replaced the link.
comment Workflow tool for Race number OCR
Having done both race photography and software development in considerable amounts, I doubt pure OCR would give any satisfying results. Perhaps on car races. But on human participants, the bibs are so often folded and/or partially hidden that fixing all the resulting errors would still require sifting through the whole batch.
comment How do I take flattering photos of people with acne (scarring)?
@teylyn The product is a physical filter that takes time to screw on a lens, and the nature of demonstrated feature requires a human model (preferably alive one). The pose and lighting in images looks similar enough to draw conclusions; unfortunately, the low resolution hides any effect of the filter.