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Napioa - Wind Origins
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comment Is there a very small but robust tripod?
I've used one in the last couple of days, and been impressed so far.
comment Can this cheap tilt-shift compact camera produce good results?
It is not spam at all. My rep is 211 as I do not frequent this site very often, but I was one of the very early joiners (user #425). I have no connection with the sites or application named, other than the fact I use both. Please don't make assumptions on zero information. If you don't like my answer, then fair enough, but the info is put there in good faith. Yes, it's short and brief, but I hope someone searching here for tilt-shift information may actually find it useful, even if it does not completely answer Chris's question.
comment How can I get a good HDR image from a single RAW file?
If that's all it took to stop reading (assuming your're not joking), then its really your loss. The guy imparts some good advice & tips. I can look beyond the Mac vs PC religious wars because, as you rightly say, it has no bearing at all on the tutorial.
comment Which camera has the best features for still photography: Canon 60D, 50D or 7D?
I agree the 60D is not a straight 50D replacement - there are a number of features that are retrograde compared to the 50D. I think Canon think of it as a 'realignment' of their range, as the 50D with no video always looked a bit out of place between the 550D and 7D. I upgraded my 350D to a 50D a couple of months ago, and having seen the 60D specs am more than happy with that decision - it's £500 cheaper for a start, which I would rather spend on a lens.