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Time to be with loved ones

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People think coding is about the user experience. What they forget is that the coder (or coders) involved (now or in the future) are more the user then the end users are. It is easy to make something look good for the client. It takes talent to make the process enjoyable and look good to other coders.

Writing programs is an art.

Quality is more then the end product.

comment How can I improve stitching of nadir and zenith shots in 360º hemispheric panos?
I'm having a painful time dealing with any kinds of lines in the nadir. Things like boards or slate end up all out of whack. I can post edit the nadir after the stitching in the Gimp however the size of these images (3000x3000) are so large a single transform or perspective change takes about 10-20 seconds. Painful! I wish Hugin could handle this out of the box but the nadir is always distorted and never lines the lines up correctly.
comment Are there any open-source 'skinnable' photography galleries?
But digiKam is open source. :D
comment Are there any open-source 'skinnable' photography galleries?
Re-reading the original post. It is clear the poster was not looking for a static gallery generator. And so this answer is incorrect but could be useful for others.
comment Can you clarify a better workflow for bracketed exposure HDR 360-panoramas?
Thank you! Amazing answer!