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comment Software to manage imports under Linux in addition to Corel After Shot
I agree, btw, that iPhoto is likely better for organization. Because that's it's end-purpose. But it's not ideal for a true photographer. It's good at organizing, but lacks behind in editing, eg.
comment Software to manage imports under Linux in addition to Corel After Shot
I can't speak too much to darktable, as I haven't used it as much as I'd like. Most modern systems use an "import" feature, where they memorize a bunch of stuff about your images (exif info). Typically you need to import stuff using a file browser of some kind. From your phone/camera, yes, you likely need to browse to the folder where you have your images and import them.
comment Why are the trees in this long exposure night shot red?
The shadow lines really give it away.
comment 5D Mark III or 6D
Wow, you had to feel nauseous watching it fall!
comment Which one would you suggest to buy from canon, the 550D or the 50D ?
Readers please be aware: the 60D is a step down from the 50D. Canon added a bunch of confusion when they made the 60D because they made a cheaper camera in an otherwise line of increasing goodness as the model numbers go up. The 50D is the top of the 10-60 line, not the 60.
comment How can I make extra money with photography?
@Imre to win the lottery you have to drive to the store, in which you're significantly more likely to get injured in a car crash than actually winning the lottery. So if you include hazard pay for the trip to the store, the lottery suddenly looks like more effort. ha ha.
comment How do different books on Gimp compare?
Peter (it wasn't me, but...): your answer didn't answer his question. It went off on a tirade against Gimp. He didn't ask "what's the best..." or "is Gimp good...", he asked "how can I learn...". Your answer was both off-topic and negative.
comment How do you protect your camera when taking pictures in inclement weather?
My favorite quote from that post: "Sand storm: stay inside."