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comment 35mm vs 40mm: Does it matter?
Ken Rockwell may not be a highly-regarded photography expert, but that's no reason to downvote this answer without a comment. As far as StackExchange answers go, this is a great one: it summarizes an external page and includes links to the source.
comment Cheapest camera possible to use for “scanning” slides using a projector and a camera
It won't be automated, but there's this: (from has the SX40 used for under $200. Someone else in the same thread had a link where they built a slide holder for an older P&S that couldn't focus as closely, if you already have a camera around and would prefer more DIY.
comment How can I simulate a long exposure photo using a set of shorter exposure photos?
@Michael no, because the question asked for the exact opposite: to "see the trace the stars left in the sky."
comment How do I get more in focus when aperture is already quite small?
The focus point isn't the center of the in-focus area: the focus point is closer to the near point than the far point. So focus a little towards the front of the subject, instead of the exact middle. See e.g. the diagrams at
comment How to remember to change settings when I pick up my camera?
possible duplicate of What are some of your pre-shoot checklist tips?
comment Which lens to buy for capturing hot air balloons?
@dpollitt I agree the 10-22 is a good lens... but it's also $800, and not everyone likes the wide-angle perspective. I've taken some of my favorite photos with that lens, but if you're not already spending a lot of time at 18mm with your kit lens, buying an ultrawide is probably a mistake (renting for a special occasion, as the OP is planning, is a fine idea).
comment Where is my DOF button in 550D?
I actually don't think this is a bad question. It's not labeled on the camera. Not all DSLRs have a DOF Preview button, so having an answer showing it could be useful. Not everyone who cares about the DOF Preview button has the manual (though it can be found online). That button is only mentioned on 7 pages of the 260-page manual (although it's true that one of those mentions is the index) and it's buried at the bottom among 23 other features in the first diagram of the front of the camera: even knowing where the button is, I'd have a hard time locating it in the paper copy of the manual.
comment Are there adapters that allow autofocus & electronic control?
Cool! I didn't know there was an EF to anything available! Thanks for that link.
comment Which DSLR for a total beginner?
What is it about "simple digital cameras" that isn't satisfying to you? Moving through menus rather than having dials to turn? Being able to fit the camera into your pocket? Slow response times? Not getting dust on the sensor because you can't change lenses? If you can provide more about what doesn't work for you, we can point you to the right class of camera (bridge, mirrorless, or even a film SLR might fit you better than a DSLR).
comment 50mm vs 85mm for portraits on a crop sensor?
I don't know what your budget looks like, but you can get both the Canon 50/1.8 and 85/1.8 for around $500. While not pocket change, they're both relatively cheap in the world of lenses. (Another way to look at it: if you decide to get the 85mm f/1.8 you can tack on the 50mm f/1.8 for only 25% more.)
comment Fast, Unlimited Photo/Video Hosting
Do you need a pre-setup site, or are you willing to set up software yourself (e.g. pick a web hosting company and run a Gallery instance)?
comment how do I long expose in harsh light for a lake view?
possible duplicate of What is the best technique for long-exposure photography in good light?
comment how do I long expose in harsh light for a lake view?
Take a look at… (and its linked questions) and… -- do either of them answer your question?
comment What would be an inexpensive lens for wedding photography?… might be worth a read: it's at least a short list of things to try to avoid... and it specifically mentions the lens you've been looking at.
comment Galapagos vacation — what photo gear should I take?
Make sure you have a comfortable bag and camera strap!
comment Use of photo on a game show about food and culture
Not really related, but the only question I've seen here with an actual number:
comment Need a list of good Macro/Super Macro digital cameras
I would assume so: a coworker has told me about pointing his camera straight up, putting a dollar bill on top of the lens, aiming at a light, and getting a clear image of the bill. It's the wrong definition of "0", but it's still impressive.
comment What are the main factors that will affect the sharpness of my images?
Are your subjects always the same size in the frame (filling the frame then zooming out on your monitor will make the subject look much sharper than if the subject is very small and you have to zoom all the way in on your monitor)?
comment Can the sun damage the camera sensor? Under what conditions?
No sensor damage, but the only case of camera damage I've seen online (with pictures of the damage) from exposure to the sun is:
comment What do I need to know before attempting to photograph Venus in transit?
Are you using a telescope? Venus will be a very small dot across the sun. I don't want to dissuade you from experimenting, but... you might do better by going to a transit party and capturing pictures of the event and the people there.