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comment Why do drones capture images that are curved at edges?
When I read "drones taking images at high altitudes" I thought of something like a Reaper at 15,000 m. So "[tens] of meters" was a surprise.
comment What lens is best for a red carpet community event?
Maybe you can use your camera's auto-bracketing function if you are concerned that exposure may be incorrect.
comment Which color for a job interview portrait?
The implied question "which color represents leadership" would apply in non-photographic situations like choosing a shirt or wall-paint. So it is likely that the best place to ask that question would be somewhere other than a place that is only one of many that might apply that knowledge.
comment i think there problem my nikon VR kit lens (18-55)
For a recent purchase, I would take it back to the shop I bought it and ask for an exchange or refund under warranty. You should be able to demonstrate the fault.
comment Import photos from camera in an ordered way
There are probably hundreds of solutions. I suggest you try installing Picasa, it can import pictures to folders it creates which are named by date. You can rename and reorganise folders.
comment smart phone gripper for large phone etc (are product recommendation requests on-topic here?)
comment Tamron 18-200 mm vs Nikkor 18-200 mm lens
@connersz: I wrote "There are probably numerous other differences in materials and build quality" - but I agree it doesn't help the OP (who should go to a shop and handle both) so I've removed that remark. Some refs added for other points.
comment Wondering if my Nikon lens is broken
For what it's worth: the standard lens with the early D50 was the AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G ED. A DX lens. I think the later D40 had a VR version but I'm not sure if any D50 kits included this.
comment So my iPhone 6 camera lens is as wide as my full frame 35mm DSLR lens?
@user1899082: "full frame" isn't to do with how much of a scene the camera can capture. It's to do with sensor size only. A "full frame" sensor has a sensor approximately the same size that an old analogue film camera (not necessarily an SLR) exposed onto 35mm film. Full-frame is what was actually long regarded as small and low quality in the days of medium-format and large-format film cameras. It got it's name because early DSLRs typically had sensors significantly smaller than the area of film exposed in an equivalent film SLR. Later it become economic to make bigger digital sensors.
comment Does this Camera Lens to Mobile phone camera interface exist?
It seems to be real but it also seems to be a way to get the bulk of an entry-level DSLR or CSC camera while losing any auto-focus, metering or VR features of your old DSLR lenses.
comment Use Nikon D3100 in snow
See Flickr search for a practical answer. Plenty of people have used a D3100 at the top of that mountain.
comment How does a DX-format sensor support FX lenses?
A few DX bodies can auto-focus FX lenses that lack a focus motor - the body incorporates a focus motor and has a mechanical AF coupling in the lens mount. The early entry-level D50 can do that. Higher end DX cameras like the D7000 can too. Entry-level bodies like the D3200 can't. You can still use older AF lenses in manual-focus mode (obviously undesirable for many photographers).
comment How do you choose among different 70-300mm lens for Nikon DSLRs?
Handheld, you'll need a VR lens.
comment What features should I be looking for a budget (under $300) camera for real estate?
It's worth mentioning that some descriptions of lenses on point & shoot cameras state the "35mm equivalent" focal length rather than the real focal length. So an actual 8mm lens on a P&S camera might be advertised as "28mm" (35mm / "full-frame" equivalent).
comment How to clean the focusing screen?
+1 for rocket blower. In my experience, blowers with brushes are usually a menace, not a help.
comment Micro four thirds lens and camera compatibility
Isn't there a difference between MFT manufacturers in whether the image stabilisation is in the body or the lens? Some MFT lens/body combinations could have no IS?
comment Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate with a lever
Are you looking for an Arca-Swiss style clamp that works in a similar way to the Manfrotto RC2 clamp?
comment Why are 50mm Lenses Cheaper?
@mattdm, Oops yes, I guess you'd have to compare Nikon FX 50mm with Canon APS-C 35mm or something (given that Nikon-1 has no 18mm 1.8)
comment Why are 50mm Lenses Cheaper?
So called "full-frame" sensors are just cropped sensors from the perspective of medium format photography. AFAIK 35 mm on an APS-C sensor should have all the design adavantages of 50 mm on a 35mm sensor.
comment Do professionals use auto mode?
With the DSLR I use, in "program" mode, you can usually turn a control dial to adjust aperture and exposure on the fly. (In full auto mode, you can't)