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Ashish Tanwer

I am a futuristic person, always innovating new ideas, learning latest technology and products, and implementing novel plans.

I completed Masters in Computer Science Degree from Stony Brook University with specialization in Systems. I did my BE from Thapar University, and got national and international recognitions and awards from Lockheed Martin, IUSSTF, DRDO, HP, ACM, Sigcomm, IEEE, ITU-T etc.

I am working in Cisco on Cisco Object Storage (COS). Previously I have worked with EMC, CA Technologies, Motorola and STMicroelectronics. I have work-experience of around 5 years in Software Development.

I am open to everyone who is doing a great task, want to work for good, have a novel idea or searching a right direction.

To contact me, please email ashishtanwer at gmail dot com.




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