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comment How do I develop color negative (C41) film at home?
I've found that C41 is a lot more forgiving than people seems to think, and that you can keep on using the chemistry for longer than you think. I use the Tetenal kit. Pre-heating the room (& the chemistry) and using a large watertank (with ~40 C water) is the key, and don't forget to prolong the development time with each roll. I haven't even bothered with making color prints, tho.
comment What do you learn in a BA in Photography that can't be self taught?
I think you've missunderstood the entry above. Given internet and a lot of free time (and a lab), you could probably learn biology to some degree all by yourself, but someone with a degree in biology will still know a lot more of all the things covered in the list than someone self-taught.
comment What are the best sites to share photo galleries with friends?
Well, DropBox has other uses as well - it's great for collaboration with other people, always having access to your important files, syncing documents between computers etc. I use it to share work with other photographers who also has dropbox; I use facebook for social stuff and flickr for most of my other creations.
comment Regarding the “background layer” in Photoshop
Yes, the before/after functionality is really awesome, I use it all the time and can't understand why I didn't thought of it when writing my reply.