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I work for Red Hat on the Fedora Linux distribution. Before that, I was a sysadmin in the Academic Computing group at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Photography is a hobby, and my main goal is simply documentation of my family life.

For some reason, most of my favorite answers here have something to with the geometry of photography, whether in composition, in exposure parameters, or angle of view. And hopefully in a way that makes it clear and interesting even to the non-geek:

But it's not all geometry!

If you're a Pentax user, you may be interested in my definitive guide to Pentax hot shoe flashes and compatible 3rd-party options. It's no longer updated, but still has lots of good information. (If you'd like to take over, let me know!)

Matthew Miller

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comment Why is my Nikon d3100 with 18/55 lens suddenly fuzzy?
Very basic, but a good first thing to check!
comment Wrinkle emphasize effect
Looks strikingly similar to What is this soft curved brushstroke-like effect?
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Maybe Why am I getting black photos when I use the Manual feature on my Nikon D5100? will help.
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reviewed Leave Open Small remote controlled cameras?
comment Small remote controlled cameras?
Specific equipment recommendations are off-topic, but I think the general "how might one set this up?" subject is on topic. Can you rephrase to focus more on that aspect? Then, answers may help narrow down specifically the kinds of photographic equipment to look at and what your options might be.
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reviewed Leave Open How can I encourage my friend to be less shy when I take her photo?
comment How can I encourage my friend to be less shy when I take her photo?
The question Arkanon links seems to cover a different problem (people acting and dressing artificially for a photoshoot), rather than the issue of being camera-shy.
comment I cannot adjust the exposure on my Nikon D5200
"Please help!" isn't really a question. Can you put a short but specific title on this, please, and then explain exactly what you are trying to accomplish?
reviewed Close I cannot adjust the exposure on my Nikon D5200
comment If my photo is “copied” through a painting, is that a legal?
If it has enough originality, it might be a derivative, and if not, it may be merely a copy, but in either case, the right to do that is granted exclusively to the copyright holder. The amount of originality doesn't change that, as both are protected. There is a second issue — whether the creator of a derivative work can hold an independent copyright — and that is where added originality really comes in. (This usually applies when the original is public domain, and you want to do something with that and then protect your effort.) Is that more clear?
comment Nikon D5200 or Canon 700D
Each of these questions is already answered individually by previous questions and answers on this site.
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for caleb. :)