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I work for Red Hat on the Fedora Linux distribution. Before that, I was a sysadmin in the Academic Computing group at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Photography is a hobby, and my main goal is simply documentation of my family life.

For some reason, most of my favorite answers here have something to with the geometry of photography, whether in composition, in exposure parameters, or angle of view. And hopefully in a way that makes it clear and interesting even to the non-geek:

But it's not all geometry!

If you're a Pentax user, you may be interested in my definitive guide to Pentax hot shoe flashes and compatible 3rd-party options. It's no longer updated, but still has lots of good information. (If you'd like to take over, let me know!)

Matthew Miller

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revised Is the Pentax SMC DFA 100mm f/2.8 WR Macro compatibile with the Pentax K-r?
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revised How to explain that the .jpg (digital file) of my photograph isn't free?
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reviewed Looks OK Are Simpex triggers compatible with Yongnuo flashes?
comment GP-E2 - device not found
What's that link?
comment exiftool does not list GPS location from an iPhone
What version of ExifTool do you have? How are you running it?
comment Wallpaper picture location
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is about identifying a location, not about photography. (This might be on topic if this photo had significant historical or cultural value as a photograph, rather than just widespread popularity as a background image.)
comment Anyone Know What Filter These Photos Use
Please see PSA on “What's this effect?” questions and edit your question (and especially the title) accordingly.
reviewed Looks OK Why are my night photos so dark after importing to my computer?
comment Why are my night photos so dark after importing to my computer?
How does this explain the discrepancy between the camera's screen and Lightroom or Photoshop?
reviewed Edit How do I set up my Yongnuo RF-603II trigger and Yongnuo YN-568EX flash?
revised How do I set up my Yongnuo RF-603II trigger and Yongnuo YN-568EX flash?
comment What are common beginner mistakes in photography?
Most of the seemingly-dramatic difference here is not due to the flash per se, but due to the difference in exposure and white balance that your camera happened to choose when you activated the flash.
comment Can the 700D perform microfocus adjustment?
If you have a third-party lens, will a service center do anything? When I had a camera which did not have an AFMA feature of its own, I had only lenses from that same company, and I sent them all in together. What to do in this case? (Hmmmm; perhaps this is its own question.)
comment Can the 700D perform microfocus adjustment?
Note that from a competitive point of view, Nikon has this feature in the D7200 (and in previous D7xxx models), priced similarly to the Canon XXD range, and withholds it from the D5xxx. Pentax, however, provides it on all of their models, even the lower-end ones. (This is an example of the effect of playing catch-up in the market — the big two need to differentiate or risk lower models eating into their own higher model sales, whereas Pentax hopes primarily to get share from the others and has less to lose.)
comment How do depth of field and the circle of confusion relate to pixel size on the sensor?
We can actually take the examples from theoretical to practical: the Sony Alpha 7R ii and 7S ii are both full-frame camera models new to the second half of 2015, with 42 and 12 megapixels respectively. That's pixel sizes of about 20 µm² and 70 µm² — almost 4× in a real-world, current example.
revised Can the 700D perform microfocus adjustment?
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revised How to shoot a transparent item for later background removal?
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reviewed No Action Needed How to do time-lapse photography without intervalometer using Nikon D3300?