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comment Is there a printing lab that post prints direct to customer without the invoice?
I have used SmugMug quite a bit for my printing, coupling the services with customer service to make everything perfect and printed well has been great. Also the fact that customers (mother in my case) can order the prints she wants directly and I don't have to deal with the logistics
comment Why is Aperture changing the color of my RAW photos?
I disagree with the statement made about the manufacturer's supplied converter is always best. I have from experience found that Adobe Camera Raw to be much better than the DPP software for my Canon. I have gotten much better results to the point that I have removed DPP altogether from my computers.
comment What is metallic paper?
Another caveat is that putting the metal prints behind glass cuts down on some of the gloss of the image.
comment Figure photography - where to share photos?
I have removed the link.
comment Where can I find good test image(s) to send to a print lab?
I have used this image very successfully. I would also recommend that you look at SmugMug for the printing itself as they do a great job helping with the color management issues. They have two labs to pick from. I have saved lots of money and frustration through their help.
comment Will too much time-lapse photography reduce a DSLR's life, or cause any other damage?
I wonder if there is a way to leave the hardware shutter open and use the software shutter. It might (and I am guessing) work using the "Mirror Up" feature. I would be interested as well as to what you find out.
comment importing an external list of photographs to Lightroom
I made an assumption that you wanted to import the list, but yes you could write the rule to be starting with "XXXXX" or contains "XXXX" Glad it worked for you
comment How should I back up my photos?
My concern about Drobo has been that they use a non-typical scheme for mirroring data across dissimilar drive sizes. have you had any problems?
comment Which photographers do you follow on twitter?
Amazingly similar to mine.
comment Which photographers do you follow on twitter?
Don's tweets are great but they are not photography heavy. @Baldy has more photo content but not exclusive photography.
comment Why does my 420EX Speedlite sometimes fail to start up?
What happens if you try it a few times, does it then work? I am wondering if it could be a "leaky" capacitor that is just not holding enough charge to flip the "turn on circuit" if it is like other startup circuit problems I have seen, a few attempts at turning it on will charge up the cap and then it should be fine. This happens with other electronics, that have a high output relative to input voltages.