Napioa - Wind Origins

Napioa - Wind Origins
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comment Why doesn't Lightroom offer conversion from RGB to CMYK?
@SandroFranchi when you export, there is a section for 'File Settings' with a drop down for 'Color Space'. Choose the 'Other' option and select the ICC profile of your choice.
comment How do I use the +/- scale of the light meter in my camera?
lol, okay. So pedantically speaking the meter isn't "lying" to you. But say you (like the OP) are a beginner photographer taking a photo of snow or bright sand. The meter will tell you the shot will be nicely exposed when it will actually be horribly underexposed. WTH! That lying camera!! You told me it would be perfectly exposed!! In the book Peterson explains why this is and what the camera/meter is actually measuring.