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Freelance travel photographer, photo tour leader and digital camera guru.

Travel has always been my passion and photography lets me share it with everyone.

comment How durable are zoom lenses?
Plus, you can have it re-oiled or bearings replaced if they get truly worn out.
comment Why do pixels appear when skies are darkened using the graduation in Lightroom?
What do you mean by shows pixels? Hot pixels? Noise? Jaggies? The entire digital image is made of pixels!
comment Lightroom- Renaming timeline files to the exported name
Good question. I skirt around the problem by using an Export List plugin which produces a text file with the mapping, Then I ingest it into a DB which helps be do the translation. Hope some finds a better way!
comment What's the dynamic range of the iPhone 6 Plus?
Right. If all you have a JPEG file, the DR would be around 8 EV which is the maximum for 8-bit-per-channel. So, there is no way to measure more without additional bits. Ergo, unless you have access to the RAW data, all you will see too is 8 EV for a scene that covers that DR.
comment What is the maximum rate at which you could shoot frames (for a time lapse) on a Canon t5i?
Yes, obviously, you need enough space and a sufficiently fast card. The numbers come from Canon's technical specifications of the camera and based on their own undisclosed testing methodology. The exact numbers will also vary according to ISO and image details as they affect file-size.
comment Lens for my Nikon D3200 dSLR is giving too much blur
The D3200 has a very dense sensor. If you are using the kit-lens, it simply wont give you a sharp photo and need to buy a better lens. Just rent one for a day and you'll see the difference.
comment When should I consider an image sharp?
There is not enough information to know what is going on. It could be soooo many things or even just your perception. Note that you need to see images at 1:1 (100% magnification) to see the actual pixels, most cameras zoom-in further and interpolate after that which is why it can look blurry without being so. Otherwise, start by checking sharpness settings.
comment Where does the price premium of full-frame come from?
Without knowing the real reason, my intuition tells me its #2. Volume can reduce the price of most chain-produced item much more than the difference between component costs. You will see that there are even compact cameras which cost more than APS-C DSLRs and those are usually premium models which sell even fewer units.
comment What could have caused this splotch to appear?
Looks like an object in close proximity. I once had this happen several times and could not figure it out until I finally spotted it: an insect. Unfortunately, I have no idea if this is the case for you. Could be a drop of water or sweat even.
comment Photography Post Processing Using Linux : Open Source : Slideshows to Music
Break the questions. There are two here and one has been answered already I suspect.
comment Why are my photos taken with the Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 coming out blurred?
In addition to being back focuses, as others said already, you are shooting wide-open. This lens does not get truly sharp at wide-angle until F/8 with F/5.6 being pretty decent.
comment Does a viewfinder cover really make a difference?
@Jasmine - Only with (D)SLRs which are the only cameras that come with a viewfinder cover or eyepiece shutter. Camera with EVFs need not worry about it.
comment How to tell if a digital camera shoots quickly
Some cameras have a pan focus mode which sets the lens to the hyperfocal distance in which case it no longer focuses when the shutter is half-pressed. All cameras with a Manual-Focus mode will not focus in Auto mode when MF is engaged.
comment What are the values in the white balance menu in D40 refer to?
0 is relative to the chosen WB. Each Preset, for example, Cloudy corresponds to a certain color-temperature in Kelvin. An adjustment of 0 means that there is no offset. It works similarly to EC where WB Fine-Tuning is adjustment over the set (Preset) or metered (Auto) value. When you set a Kelvin temperature explicitly, many camera disable adjustments.
comment Why is there a vertical line on the right of some pictures rotated with exiftran?
Why don't you just use nconvert? Never seen such an issue from it and before cameras did autorotation, I used it all the time.
comment Apple Aperture replacement
@bart - They now claim to be 4X faster (down from 10X two versions ago) but my tests align with this. Now that I just upgraded to LR 5.5 (was stuck on an old version previously due to a bug), I'll run some more benchmarks.
comment Apple Aperture replacement
@dpollitt - The one I use pre-import is PMView Pro. It's blazingly fast and means less time importing in Lightroom, plus no need to catalog images that are destined to be deleted.
comment Variable focal length for macro lenses?
Apparently, it's not the same as a zoom. I was not sure, so I asked a question about just that a while ago:…
comment What are the pros and cons of the two Sony mounts — E and A?
@KartickVaddadi - Contrast-Detect AF is actually more accurate and most hybrid cameras like the NEX-5R switch off Phase-Detect AF in favor of Contrast-Detect in low-light. This intentionally sacrifices speed of focus in favor of accuracy.
comment What are the pros and cons of the two Sony mounts — E and A?
There is always some chances of missing focus and there is nothing in the mount which makes one more or less likely to do so. The brighter the lens though, the more light the AF system has to work with.