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comment What kind of shoes are best for wedding photography?
I'm fact giving you +1 for creativity
comment What kind of earplugs are best for concert photography?
thanks a lot Esa, but I already tried those foam earplugs and I don't find them suitable for a concert, too much distortion of the audio. However I still use them when I skydive since distorting the audio is basically what I need (as there is no audio there, just loud noise) ... they are different situations with different needs. Thanks for the advice on secondary effects of the noise and soundwaves, I do extreme sports and I'm aware of them (and of bigger hazards). BTW, I gave you a +1 for the great answer! Peace
comment What kind of earplugs are best for concert photography?
it's true, the question is not about photos but it's about gear a photographer should have in situation X. It could be definitively answered, the best ones are the ones that suggest earplugs that don't distort the audio while still giving protection (I'm not working with heavy machinery, I need to hear what is going on) without going to the musician level (it's true that they have other needs). I chose the most elaborated answer, whilst the one from Michael is good enough.