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comment Why the AF confirm lights won't blink when the spot is in-focus while using an all-manual lens with an adapter without any connectors?
Every Canon DSLR I've owned has a mirror lockup button: It's called the shutter button. It just has to be set to work that way.
answered Is the Canon 40mm safe to store when extended?
comment Is the Canon 40mm safe to store when extended?
Because even when focusing manually, with an FBW lens the focus collar is an electrical switch that causes the lens' focus motor to move the lens the specific amount indicated by the specific amount the focus collar is moved. There is no mechanical connection at all between the focus collar and the focus elements in an FBW lens. With other lenses, the focus elements move when the focus collar is twisted, even if the lens is not attached to the a camera.
comment Is the Canon 40mm safe to store when extended?
The only EF-S lenses that are focus-by-wire are the STM lenses. Very few of Canon's other current lens lineup are focus-by-wire. FBW is a reference to manual focusing, not autofocus. With an FBW lens, turning the focus ring by hand does not move the focus elements when the camera is powered down, or even when the camera is not supplying power to the lens (such as when it has been more than 4 seconds or so since the shutter has been half pressed, or the AF-ON or exposure lock buttons have been pressed).
comment How can I find which lenses have “Continuous manual focus”?
The only micro-USM lenses that I have used also feature FTMF.
comment Canon 40mm STM - The focus cannot be adjusted in manual mode
All STM lenses are focus-by-wire, as are a few older Canon lens designs, most notably the discontinued and no longer supported EF 200mm f/1.8 L.
answered Manual focus with AF ON Canon L Lens
comment When should I upgrade my camera body?
You could replace it with a comparable model. You wouldn't necessarily need to upgrade.
comment Budget Nikon lens for portrait/macro/landscape
Just because a lens is capable of f/1.8 doesn't mean it has to be used at f/1.8 for macro shots. And a 50mm f/1.8 + extension tube or even 35mm + tube will get you 1:1 cheaper than the 40mm f/2.8.
comment Canon 1100D auto focus issues
PDAF is faster than CDAF. It is not more precise. At best it is equally precise. In the vast majority of cases it is less precise.
reviewed Leave Open Photo booth settings - lighting & camera - Open air
reviewed Close Would a Canon 60Da make a good first dSLR for me, as a previous Canon SLR film shooter?
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reviewed Leave Open Is it worth getting 50mm lense when I have nikkor 15-35mm, for portraits & so called “Bokeh” effect?
reviewed Leave Open Normal lens on cropped sensor camera and distortion
reviewed Close What is the fastest T Stop available?
comment How was this image achieved? With a filter?
When they verbalize this effect effectively enough to differentiate it from that effect these type of questions are generally well received. But this is probably the hundredth time someone has asked, "How did they do this?" without telling us, in words, what this is.
reviewed Leave Open What are the primary differences between Canon 600D and 700D?
comment When should I upgrade my camera body?
Also, read the last two sentences of the main part of my answer (before the example). And the question states, "When should I upgrade..." and "How do I know when I need to upgrade?" (italics mine), not "When can I upgrade".
comment When should I upgrade my camera body?
In my opinion he's wasting money buying gear that doesn't improve his photography. Because better gear won't improve anyone's photography unless they have the skill and vision needed to use the new gear better than what they are currently using. He should spend it on a class instead.