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by Vian Esterhuizen

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We once had a Nuclear Engineering proposal on Area 51, but it failed. The space technology proposal might be interesting.

My academic interests are in power plants of all types, shapes, and sizes, and how well they play with each other. My hobbyist interest are kind of all over the place. I like the maker movement, I'm most interested in the sensors and data, the "internet of things" kind of stuff. In physics, I'm probably the most curious about general relativity topics, but my curiosities wind up all over the place.

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comment Can someone take a picture of me, then claim copyright over the material?
@Unapiedra The last point is very confused. I'm not sure what the question intended. I'm curious about what you ask - whether you can be sued for hosting a picture of yourself taken by someone else. I believe the answer is "yes", I just want to hear an informed justification.