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Security engineer and architect in higher-ed. Lately I'm interested in: the web, publishing, mobility culture, Mac OS X, photography, trust, anonymity, and learning Cocoa Touch.

I have a homepage and a blarrrrrgh where I kvetch. I co-host a podcast called the hellyeah! show which is heard by dozens of us. DOZENS!

comment How to disable Fujifilm X-M1 screen?
To improve battery life, I would expect other options should be to disable fast-start.
comment Is there a Fuji X10 raw converter for Linux?
'dcraw' has support for the X-Trans, and darktable will use 'dcraw' according to their documentation.
comment Is there a Fuji X10 raw converter for Linux?
Thank you, @MichaelClark! Appending as a comment below: @fortran, the APS-C X-Trans sensor in the other X-series cameras (X-Pro1, X-E1, X100, X100s, etc.) is also different from traditional Bayer sensors, but is better supported than the EXR sensor by a wide variety of tools including dcraw. If I were using an Ubuntu workstation or something I'd be probably using darktable instead of Lightroom, which should be able to handle the X-Trans RAF files. Before buying a new camera find sample RAW files to test with!