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Synclio is hiring Python code sharks in Chennai, India

Freelancing SE is in public beta! If you're a contractor, freelancer, or are self-employed, check it out and share interesting questions with your followers and colleagues.


*UPDATE: ***StackInbox now works with the new top header.

Manage Feedback with LoopTodo

Feedback Management:

Manage Feedback with LoopTodo, which is a lightweight feedback management tool designed to make it easier to collect, sort, prioritize, and respond to user feedback. With this tool, you can also create tasks based on feedback received.

We're interested to get some early feedback on how this will help your business. In fact, we're eating our own dogfood. We use LoopTodo to manage feedback for this product.

LoopTodo is currently free to use, and anyone can signup for a free account by logging in with a Google account.

Business Phone System

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comment Does Flickr recompress JPEGs after upload?
Seems this answer is now outdated, the link to the Flickr FAQ now says: "We also store your high-resolution originals, which you can download at any time. Anyone can access public photos and download the high-resolution (original) size, unless you limit access to the downloadable image."
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comment How do I know the lightbulb I am buying is UV-filtered?
Is it possible to tell from the packaging if a lightbulb is UV filtered? Based on your answer, it sounds like the answer to the question is no. Can you clarify? Thanks! :)