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comment Cropping to a desired size in LightRoom
Thanks, yes I did know about the crop functionality but I'd completely missed the bit that allows you to select the ratio to crop to - that's exactly what I was looking for - thanks.
comment How many images can a Lightroom catalog really handle?
Hmmm, I found this question because I was worried that my catalog had grown to 83GB and 66K items (mixture of RAW, DNG and JPEG).
comment How to re-organise an existing Lightroom library?
Thanks, for both answering the question and giving me a few things to think about too.
comment Does this sunrise photograph have a problem with white balance?
@AnishaKaul: No idea what jrista is talking about! Please don't stop thanking people for taking the time to answer your question; it is after all only polite. TBH I'm surprised he didn't jump in on Rob and AJ who talked about the picture as comments to your original question.
comment Is the Canon 60D weather proof?
@rfusca your linked question asks about the 600D instead.
comment Why don't you need to calibrate a camera's LCD screen?
Please don't add a new answer when all you are doing is commenting on another answer; please use the "add comment" functionality underneath the answer you are discussing / disagreeing with.
comment What is Quiet mode on a DSLR?
Nice answer, I stupidly had always assumed it was like a mobile phone and just muted the electronic sounds like beeps, etc.
comment Why doesn't my Sigma EF-500 flash work properly with my new Canon 60D?
Fantastic, thanks. Will contact them and see if I can get anything sorted.
comment Is it me or is the Lightroom's zoomed out preview inaccurate in displaying noise and color?
Really interesting picture BTW
comment How common is it for cameras to have a gyroscope?
@ysap: you should add your comment as an answer.
comment Is there an easy fix for this Canon EOS 300D Compact Flash problem?
Thanks, that's what I was thinking too. Picked up a nice new shiny 60D today to replace it.
comment How should one best manage large collections of photographs?
I like the fact that light room never edits your actual photo, instead storing a list of the edits and changes you've applied. That way you can always get back to your original if needed
comment What are the biggest issues with wearing glasses as a photographer and how can they be overcome?
>> No. Every DSLR body I've used comes with the ability to change the diopter of the viewfinder which may allow you to use your camera without your glasses. Excuse the pun, but I completely overlooked this feature for years on my camera. Now I've found it / started using it I find the benefits outweigh continually having to put on/remove my glasses whilst looking through the camera.
comment What is a good book for a Lightroom newbie?
I'd second this, have the book for version 2 of lightroom and it's a great read and very useful. Keep coming back to it!