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location Aurora, CO
age 35
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I am a relatively new photographer, having been at if for only a few years. I chose Canon gear when I finally took the plunge into DSLR. I am an avid hobbyist now, and love everything about photography, from the gear, to the science, to the art. I spent years reading about the technology and photography theory, so I am very well versed in the technical aspects of photography. My artistic skills are moderate, but improving. You can see my work @ the following sites:

My interests lie primarily in nature photography:

  • Birds
    • Songbird Setups
    • Shore Birds & Waders
    • Raptors
    • All others
  • Astrophotography
    • Moon
    • Wide Field
    • Deep Sky
  • Landscapes
  • Wildlife
  • Floral Macro
  • Insect Macro
  • Abstract

I currently use the following gear:

  • Cameras
    • Canon EOS 7D
    • Canon EOS 450D (Rebel XSi)
  • Lenses
    • EF 16-35 f/2.8 USM L Wide
    • EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
    • EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro
    • EF 100-400mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM L Zoom
    • EF 600mm f/4 L IS II
    • Canon EF 1.4x TC III
    • Kenko 1.4x Teleplus Pro 300 DGX
    • Periodic Rentals:
      • EF 300mm f/2.8 L IS II
      • EF 500mm f/4 L IS II
      • Canon EF 2x TC III
  • Filters
    • Lee Foundation Kit (x2) + Tandem Adapter
    • Lee .3/.6 ND
    • Lee .3/.6/.9 Soft Grad ND
    • Lee .3/.6/.9 Hard Grad ND
    • Lee CPL
  • Tripod
    • Gitzo Systematic GT3532LS 3S. Series 3 Tripod
    • Jobu Pro 2 Gimbal
    • Gitzo Mountaineer GT0541 4S. Series.0 Tripod
    • Gitzo GH1780QR Series.1 Mag. Center Ball Head

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comment Why does getting closer or zooming in decrease depth of field?
@MichaelClark: That is not my understanding of the question. I think the OP used odd wording, but I do believe he means getting closer to the subject with the camera, or using a zoom lens to enlarge the subject, thus resulting in a chance in DOF in the resulting photograph.
answered What is the most honest way to cite pixel count (resolution)?
comment General guidelines on choosing a lens for an image sensor
@Naz: Sensors are pretty useless without some kind of lens to focus an image on them. As such, I think if you are trying to design a sensor, you really need to learn optics. It's kind of a critical bit of knowledge. There are plenty of resources out there that explain how optics works, for reflective or refractive elements (and combinations of the two)...educating yourself is really the best way to address your problems.
comment General guidelines on choosing a lens for an image sensor
@Naz: Can you explain what you are actually doing? Were kind of working in the dark here...
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comment What apertures are required to enable autofocus, including cross-type or high-precision focusing, on Canon DSLR cameras?
Thanks, DL. Looks good to me. We just need to get some upvotes on the new one, so it floats to the top. ;)
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reviewed Close Can I combine extension tubes and macro filters at once to give better macros?
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comment Can I ask Lightroom to delete copied photos from the SD card?
@jdlugosz: It's a full parity RAID, so it has full error correction information distributed across all the drives. In my case, I have four drives in my array. I don't know the underlying details, as in specifically how it verifies each block, but I know it can and does make sure the data is correct everywhere on the whole array when it is doing it's scrubbing/resync process. I've actually done a live (online) drive replacement...I took out one of my smaller drives, and added a larger one. The device kept operating, and automatically rebuilt the data on the removed drive onto the newly added.
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comment Can I ask Lightroom to delete copied photos from the SD card?
...then dropping again. In such situations, the device will launch right into a verification mode and start a resync, only to have power fail again right in the middle of that. I've never once lost any data on my ReadyNAS, and I've had it for years. It's a nearly impervious device, and it DOES regularly (weekly, on the schedule I've set) scrub and resync the array to ensure that the chance of bad blocks causing problems is extremely low.
comment Can I ask Lightroom to delete copied photos from the SD card?
@jdlugosz: Sorry, that is not the case. With the ReadyNAS, scrubbing is basically doing a resync. That touches every block on the device and verifies the data. It takes about a day and a half to complete, and the device is running heavily the entire time. The benefit of doing this on X-RAID is, unlike most resyncs, if the device loses power or is otherwise shut off in the middle of the scrubbing process, it will properly recover when it boots again. I've had some brownouts and power outages where the power flickers on and off a number of times, or dropping, then returning for a few minutes...
comment Can I ask Lightroom to delete copied photos from the SD card?
@jdlugosz: The Ready-NAS with X-RAID does regular scrubbing, which goes through all the data on the entire array and checks it out, reorganizes and optimizes it. So, there can't be silent corruption...the system is always checking itself, identifying bad blocks, and moving data. If a block on one drive is bad, it can always be rebuilt with parity.
revised Can I ask Lightroom to delete copied photos from the SD card?
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comment How can I take long exposures on Nikon D7000 with a wireless remote?
Before we close this, let's make sure it really is a duplicate. The OP linked the original question, and stated the solution there did not solve his problems. I would prefer to see us investigate the question, root out the real problem, and possibly retitle this to better depict the issue at hand. In the end, I think that is a better approach to simply closing as a duplicate, as it would provide better internet search results, and possibly head off additional questions about the same thing if people can find the right answers for different, yet similar (not duplicate), issues.
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comment Why can't I use my 64 GB SD card in my Nikon D60?
Just insert a new card without formatting. These cards are usually formatted right out of the box. See if that works. I have never formatted any of my memory cards even once, and I've never had any problems across multiple Canon and a Sony camera.
comment How does Jefry Chandra edit his photos?
I think there is also some kind of soft contrast technique applied here as well, which is more than just curves.