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I am a relatively new photographer, having been at if for only a few years. I chose Canon gear when I finally took the plunge into DSLR. I am an avid hobbyist now, and love everything about photography, from the gear, to the science, to the art. I spent years reading about the technology and photography theory, so I am very well versed in the technical aspects of photography. My artistic skills are moderate, but improving. You can see my work @ the following sites:

My interests lie primarily in nature photography:

  • Birds
    • Songbird Setups
    • Shore Birds & Waders
    • Raptors
    • All others
  • Astrophotography
    • Moon
    • Wide Field
    • Deep Sky
  • Landscapes
  • Wildlife
  • Floral Macro
  • Insect Macro
  • Abstract

I currently use the following gear:

  • Cameras
    • Canon EOS 7D
    • Canon EOS 450D (Rebel XSi)
  • Lenses
    • EF 16-35 f/2.8 USM L Wide
    • EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
    • EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro
    • EF 100-400mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM L Zoom
    • EF 600mm f/4 L IS II
    • Canon EF 1.4x TC III
    • Kenko 1.4x Teleplus Pro 300 DGX
    • Periodic Rentals:
      • EF 300mm f/2.8 L IS II
      • EF 500mm f/4 L IS II
      • Canon EF 2x TC III
  • Filters
    • Lee Foundation Kit (x2) + Tandem Adapter
    • Lee .3/.6 ND
    • Lee .3/.6/.9 Soft Grad ND
    • Lee .3/.6/.9 Hard Grad ND
    • Lee CPL
  • Tripod
    • Gitzo Systematic GT3532LS 3S. Series 3 Tripod
    • Jobu Pro 2 Gimbal
    • Gitzo Mountaineer GT0541 4S. Series.0 Tripod
    • Gitzo GH1780QR Series.1 Mag. Center Ball Head

comment Lightroom vs. Elements vs. Photoshop: Side-by-side comparison?
Yeah, I don't think such a grid exists, at least none that compare all three products (there are some that compare different packages of the same product on the Adobe site.)
comment What GPS would you recommend for geo-tagging?
Does it have any Lightroom integration?
answered Why does my Lightroom/Photoshop preview change after loading?
comment Is there a keyboard shortcut in the Windows version of Adobe Lightroom for “Edit Keyword Metadata”?
Just out of curiosity, which version of Lightroom are you using? I've tried the same thing in LR3, and the Keyword editor never stays selected. :( I'd LOVE to be able to do this, but thought it wasn't possible.
comment Is there a camera bag with extra space that I use as an airplane carry-on?
I'm a bit curious if there are any camera backpacks that would fit an 18.4" laptop. I have a Sony VGN-AW190, which is a pretty large laptop with full 1080p screen. I use it for photography work when away from home, but it doesn't fit in any of the packs I've ever looked at. The biggest ones seem to stop at 17".
comment How do I choose a polarizer?
A quick note about CPL's...choose a good one, and if you can, examine it and test it out before purchasing. I've purchased CPL's that tend to add a variable color cast to my shots, depending on the angle and lighting. I've had landscape shots go from neutral to very blueish cast to very greenish cast as I rotate the polarizer. A good quality CPL shouldn't affect color balance much as you turn it.
comment Is there a D-SLR that can record video with continuous autofocus?
I think the new Sony's are a different kind of camera...rather than being a DSLR, they use a translucent mirror.
comment Is it possible to be color-blind and still be a good photographer?
Very nice answer. :)
answered What is the best techinque to smooth skin?
comment What are the cons of a 5D Mark II? How does it compare to other FF bodies from Canon?
Not a terrible question, although it does come off more as a discussion. If you are actually asking a real question, I'd rephrase it a bit. If you are looking for more of a discussion, let me know, and I'll convert to Community Wiki.
comment What are the consequences of stacking a circular polarizer on top of a UV filter?
Depending on the brand and model, some UV filters can block up to 8% of visible light. Many are cheap enough that they do not even adequately block UV, so carefully researching and buying a UV filter that only filters about 2% of visible light and 90% or more of UV light is important.
answered Is there a keyboard shortcut in the Windows version of Adobe Lightroom for “Edit Keyword Metadata”?
revised What special care do large telephoto lenses require?
added 489 characters in body
answered What special care do large telephoto lenses require?
comment Color Management and screen standby
I think John's got it. ICM increases resource usage, and it seems very logical that power-saving modes of a lap top would disable extraneous services when they are not needed. I don't think it is the DataColor software that is "kicking in", its more likely windows itself.
answered Fixed HQ lens with image crop or medium quality zoom lens?
answered Is it problematic to mount a Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L lens on Rebel XSi (450D) body?
answered Lightroom vs. Elements vs. Photoshop: Side-by-side comparison?
comment How can I avoid soft dull “spots” in my pictures?
I basically only edit out the stuff that shows up in print, the rest I leave alone. If I tried to fix everything, I'd spend weeks just cleaning up spots on all my images. :P Even 10-12 spots on 20 images, though, is up to 240 spots. Thats a lot, and I have to adjust the healing brush in LR to accommodate large and small ones. Even with only 10-12 per image, I still have a lot of cleaning to do.
comment How can I avoid soft dull “spots” in my pictures?
This sounds like the solution. I really don't like the idea of blowing anything into my camera body, as that is just as likely to bring more particulate in, perhaps more likely, than when switching lenses. I know that there is a series of filters in front of my sensor. What I am not sure about is how to get at the sensor. Would just using a cable release in BULB mode be enough?