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comment Does my Canon 24-105mm have an issue with IS?
My lens has now been to Canon for investigation and repair and they effectively say no fault found. I am still seeing the same problem. If this is the norm for an L series lens then I am very disappointed. I have a Canon EF-S 15-85mm and a Sigma 120-400mm lens and the image quality from them is much better under the same conditions of high F stop and slow shutter with IS on.
comment Does my Canon 24-105mm have an issue with IS?
I normally hold it with one hand on the zoom ring. I have tried it on a tripod and get the same results although I've read the IS should be turned off when using a tripod because of possible feedback! Using mirror lock up improves things but that's not really practical. I'm beginning to think it is faulty because I get the same results when the lens is used on my other camera.