Napioa - Wind Origins

Napioa - Wind Origins
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comment Are there any downsides to scaling down unsharp images?
I actually do revisit old, low quality photos quite a bit if they have personal value to me, and on many occasions I have been able to improve them considerably, years after the fact. I am just not sure if those possibilities are now exhausted or if it is still worth keeping larger files just in case. I take your point on cheap storage, though.
comment Can wobbly lens parts significantly affect lens performance?
Pentax did reply it sounds like a manufacturing defect and suggested I have the lens repaired. However, since there is no noticable loss of image quality, and it is a cheap lens, I decided to save the cost of international shipping and will just buy a new lens at some point.
comment White balance adjustment using gray card
I do find that my gray card appears uneven in color even in simpler light situations, though it's usually not as wide a range.
comment White balance adjustment using gray card
Thank you, this answers my question. I suspect that in the forest situation the leafy canopy was reflecting various shades of green, and some objects were in direct sunlight, which made the colors in the picture quite complex. I was looking for a white balance value that would make the leaves, forest ground, rocks and skin tones all look natural, but ended up finding a compromise by manually tweaking it to taste for each picture. A lot of work, but I am satisfied with the results.