Napioa - Wind Origins

Napioa - Wind Origins
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comment How does lens design affect the richness of color reproduction?
So in other words, most or all of the above. I would probably call it a combination of the higher-quality optics increasing color saturation and contrast, and the older lens having yellowed just slightly producing a warmer overall color temperature.
comment Nikon Coolpix P510 - Recommended low-light settings?
Good idea. We do have a Photobucket account, the problem is I can't remember (and PB apparently doesn't store) the exact settings for each shot, so I'd have to best-guess it or look through the originals (on a comp I don't have at my disposal right now; will take a look when I get home).
comment Nikon Coolpix P510 - Recommended low-light settings?
OK then, guess I'll be playing around with the white balance. As I'd mentioned, there is only one bulb on in the nursery when we do this so as not to disturb her. The camera has both an auto(warm) and an incandescent white balance setting; I'll try both.