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(Website)- GitHub- Animations and videos- 3D Stills

Senior Software Engineer at Epistemex which works with few but larger customer creating tailor made and specialized solutions.


I started young with a VIC-20 in '82 using BASIC and 4 kb RAM, with only a manual and interest as help. Later I fell in love with the Amiga for ~10 years doing 68k assembler, demos, DSP, multimedia stuff. I started building web sites in '94 using the Amiga beta version of the Mosaic browser, as well as building support for low-level protocols for various RFCs (FTP, POP3, SMTP, ..) and hardware peripherals.

Starting early 90's I was sponsored with formal education in media/TV productions from "A-Z" (ie. camera, lighting, editing, recording, mixing, journalism, digital/analog etc.) with some pre-experience from the Amiga and DJing.


Today I work with .Net and MySQL on back-end, but doing more and more JavaScript for front-end "only" incl. specializing in areas such as graphics and media, management systems and so forth. I have worked professionally for more than 20 years building business systems in most areas of ERP (logistics, inventory, sale points, accounting, integration, catalogs, special tools, project management, CRM etc. etc.).


I am married, live in America (which is a bit cultural different from my Scandinavian origin). I have two kids from a previous marriage, and three cats. I survived an gas explosion in a small room in early 2012 which left me a bit crisp (~45%), but all my stuff in ashes. I am recovered as good as 100% and was lucky enough not to burn off the face. I do carpenter work (furniture) as hobby as well as music and photography.

Some of my open-source projects to run in the browser:

psd-reader, canvas-to-tiff, audio-reader-js (IFF, AU/SUN, CAFF, AIFF etc), transformation-matrix and a particle system (see my GitHub account).

You'll find me for the most part in the tags below. I try to give in-depth answers, but I have also started to see a trend here on SO which seem to value quantity over quality. This will probably influence my activity level in the future.