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comment Why is my photo corrupt in Camera RAW when it shows fine in-camera and in Photoshop?
I may be mistaken, but I think the camera preview and PS preview are taken from a small JPG file that's part of the larger NEF. I can't really comment of the actual problem (other than it looking like it's an electronics issue- duh) but this might explain why the previews are fine and the NEF is corrupted. Are there any others that have the same issue?
comment What lens designs are sharper than a pinhole lens but also allow for multi-month exposures?
I think most photographers use ND filters for extremely long exposures. You could use a lens in your design and stack on filters to give the exposures you want. Or you could use an optimum sized pinhole with ND filter material in front of it.
comment How do I produce a black negative?
Make sure it's a color (dye based) negative material and not a B&W (silver) based negative. It's the transparency of the dyes to IR that makes this work- nothing gets through the silver emulsion (except x-rays). BTW, overexposure only works for negative film. Positive (slide) film is opaque when unexposed...
comment Nikon D3100 taking black images. Stuck shutter?
Obvious but true...:-)
comment How can I mitigate bright spots in shaded, woodland settings?
You could start planning your woodland walks around overcast days... Seriously, HDR and/or careful RAW (watch that histogram!) with post processing is about the only hope you have for managing the dappling. At least you aren't trying to take a family portrait amongst the trees!
comment Dry Cabinet not maintaining 45 rh
I think AJH has a point. Does the cabinet humidify as well as dehumidify? If you put a wet sponge (for example) into the cabinet does the humidity stabilize at 45%?
comment Why am I unable to find the Smart Sharpen filter in Adobe Photoshop CC?
You ARE looking under Filter -> Sharpen -> Smart Sharpen aren't you? Is it missing or merely grayed out?
comment Why aren't the 35mm film scans I got back from a lab at a 3:2 aspect ratio?
I think it's probably a result of being asked to automatically print from scans. If the lab is also printing from a scan it won't want to have any ragged frame edges on the final print, so they crop into the image area to make sure there is only image in the scan.
comment Are these strange splotches on buildings in a long-exposure photo hot pixels?
Check out [this][1] question. I think the causes are pretty much the same. [1]: photo.stackexchange.com/questions/24410/…
comment Is this grain normal? Canon T2i (550d) grain in high light
Well, the 2/3 stop underexposure doesn't help. Usually if digital photographers adjust their exposure it's 'to the right', or overexpose to maximize information and minimize noise (grain). The second concern is that you haven't told us the ISO equivalent that your camera was set at. If you shot at a high ISO then your images are more likely to have noise.
comment Is it dangerous to do a lens change with power on?
The statement "The potential problem is that the sensor or the glass cover over the sensor is electrically charged whilst it is switched on, so if you take the lens off, it will attract dust." has always been problematic for me since the sensor is usually covered by the shutter unless an exposure is taking place. Ring hollow for anyone else?
comment How can I make a Lightroom 5 smart collection for unedited images which also includes my work in progress?
Lightroom keeps the most recently used keywords in an area below the keyword box. All it would take is a single click when you've finished editing and the image would disappear. You could also select a batch of images and apply the keyword to them with, again, a single click.
comment How do I achieve fireworks pictures such as the hirobamboo method?
As an interesting note- it looks like the lens was defocussed initially and brought into sharp focus rather than the other way around- not such a problem when shooting at infinity I suppose.
comment Can Photoshop apply duotone through adjustment layers?
Do you mean duotone? I think 'duotone' means 'duplex' in German...
comment NEF File Error: Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document
Which camera? CS4 can't run the latest RAW converters and doesn't handle the latest camera models' NEF's
comment What can a very short shutter speed do for me?
Yup... Thanks for the catch.
comment How can I shoot in a studio at the widest apertures?
You probably shouldn't go more than a couple of stops of ND because you'll have trouble actually seeing what you're shooting if the finder gets too dark. But yes, that's the only option when you can't fully control ambient light.
comment Filming in a steam room?
Depending on the amount of equipment (cameras, lights, modifiers, etc) you need to take into the room you might want to consider filming in a 'steamless' room and applying apropriate steaminess in post.
comment How to tell if a roll of film has been exposed?
If the leader's out check to see if it's crimped. Many/most film cameras reverse-roll the film and that will often leave a mark or crease on the leader where it fits into the take-up slot.
comment How can I convert Nikon D5100 .NEF files to .JPG?
Odd... ViewNX should do it natively. Did you follow the instructions at support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/16469/~/…?