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Napioa - Wind Origins
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comment How does focal length relate to macro magnification?
Thank you for covering the Macro part, I learned a lot! Just one other thing I have to know about the macro lens is, aren't there any lens that will magnify more than 1:1? I mean, I see so many photographers take so large and detailed photos of tiny insects, they can't be 1:1,maybe 2:1 or even more. But I tried to find lens like that and found none.If there aren't lens that do that, how do people achieve that level of magnification? and if there are,do you think that there are lens like that that will also allow me to have some nice amount of distance from the subject?
comment How does focal length relate to macro magnification?
Firstly, thanks for the great answer! very informative and useful. what I now wonder about is two things, how is it that a cheap camera such as the Fuji that I own has so much zoom range while lens that can get to the same level for DSLRs cost a fortune? is that because of the sensor size difference? and just to understand another thing, when does 'zoom' lens become 'macro' lens? or all zoom lens can be used for macro shots?
comment Installing SLR lens on incompatible devices?
Thank you for the detailed answer!