Before the rush

Before the rush
by evan-pak

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the way I see myself?

self-educating wherever possible, reaching for the magical 'I can explain it, thus I must have understood it'. Loads of interests and too little time:


  • beginning LaTex and HTML composer, aspiring to learn coding; currently learning the basics in Python
  • Linux (Debian (using), Fedora (later))

non-computing sphere:

  • visual storytelling in photography (still and moving images)
  • huge admirer of stop motion animation
  • storytelling: theatre, books, poems, street art,…
  • graphics design: photography, working with GIMP and UFRaw
  • music? Feed me!!!
    Americana, electronica, West African guitar music, chiptune and 8bit music, country, female choirs from Eastern Europe, oldschool punk, Deltablues, traditional Korean music, black metal, Krautrock, … I try to keep my ears wide open (too)

next goals: getting a blog up and running (again), starting a mixtape⁄podcast feed, get much deeper into coding and finally getting the LPIC Level 1 examn nailed!