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comment lightroom smart collections
never mind, I found a solution. the smart collection is set to match NONE of the following 2 rules: "Collection starts with (0 or 1). The smart filter can't manage folder hierarchies, so can't match the parent folder(s). luckily for me, my lower level folders always start with the month as MM so it's either 0 or 1.
comment how to focus with a ND filter
I agree - I've taken a few shots yesterday and my camera (canon 550D), with the filter on, was still able to focus properly. It was a bright day though, maybe that has given it an advantage.
comment how many YN-622C do you need to work with YN-568EX II
Thanks guys - does my 550D have the ability to trigger the off camera flash optically then? If so, what is the difference between using this setup and the one with radio transceivers (beside more flexibility in positioning the off camera flash)?
comment How best to manage multiple virtual copies of an image in Lightroom?
yep, that's correct. I can make a copy the new master, but will lose all the history that way. by the way, the history is distributed over several virtual copies (each of which is like a series of intermediate steps towards the final photo)
comment Prevent Lightroom from creating duplicates if the edit in photoshop is not saved?
I right-click on the photo in LR, choose 'edit in photoshop CS6', then I do my stuff in PS. if I like the changes, I choose file/Save (in photoshop) and the changes appear in LR. However, if i'm NOT satisfied with the result in PS, I just close the image without saving it. This leaves a duplicate image in LR, stacked with the original, which is useless...
comment Prevent Lightroom from creating duplicates if the edit in photoshop is not saved?
That's actually what I'm doing, I click on that menu option. it is like lightroom creates the copy, then it sends it to PS, but then it doesn't realise that the image hasn't been saved and should be deleted.
comment canon 550D and the missing RAW files
it is from that point to the end. it's like i had decided to change settings at that point... except I didn't!
comment Do I really need a ball head for a SLR zoom Gorillapod?
I think it would have saved it, but only temporarily. you'll probably find out, as i did, that a full height tripod is much more versatile. obviously it depends on what you want to shoot at. For family photos, in the house, the gorillapod (WITH ball head) is fine, as you'll always find a place to put it on (eg a table or a shelf). However for any other type of photo (outdoor, timelapses etc etc), you need a proper tripod.