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I'm a software developer who is passionate about learning new ways of doing things. I enjoy SQL and .NET LINQ, and I particularly enjoy algorithms and solving problems.

My spare time is spent between motorsport, music, and learning or reading. I enjoy politics and have been known to play the odd video game.

comment Might future advances in sensor technology reduce or eliminate noise?
I like this answer, but ` you capture very few photons so a set of neighboring pixels covering an object of uniform colour might receive 4, 3, 4, and 5 photons each` - aren't we still talking millions of photons?
comment Huge distortion with the 16mm lens
Out of interest, which lens are you using here?
comment What to do about blown out skies
Shooting RAW or raw format has made a world of difference to me shooting in bright skies.
comment Why is the 18 - 200 mm lens so expensive compared to equivalent alternatives?
-1 different focal lengths? The question clearly describes a lens that exactly matches the combined focal lengths of two other lenses.
comment What are neutral density filters and how do I use them to create long exposures in daylight?
Great, thanks! I'll need to do some reading before I work out exactly what I need.
comment How can I take slow, wide-open photos in bright light?
@dpollitt cheers :) I'm familiar with the SE format (longtime SO user) but I don't know much about photography! Feel free to close as duplicate.
comment What causes this bluish tint and other anomalies in this image?
Excellent - that explains it. :)
comment Are there any tools out there to automatically level an image?
@PatFarrell things like horizon, buildings, posts or signs, etc. I'd say it would be much easier than facial recognition or smile detection.
comment Is it practical and worthwhile to fit old SLR lenses to mirrorless digital cameras?
+1 for fun. I've actually been buying random pre-loved lenses from eBay for cheap. But I find that I get confused with which lens I used for each photo as well!