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Classic way of conveying images using black, white and shades of gray, thereby emphasizing shapes and shadows.
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Questions about running a photography business. May include topics such as pricing, legal, licensing, contract, or others.
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Bokeh describes the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photograph.
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A photography and imaging company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
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The legal term that protects ownership of creative works and restrictions as to how those works may be used by others.
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the trade name for Canon's line of external flashes for use with their EOS line of cameras. Nikon Corporation's uses "Speedlight" (note spelling) brand for their f…
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A prosumer-level camera body with APS-C sensor; introduced by Canon in 2009.
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Questions on the monetary value of photographs or gear, and on why and how these prices are or should be determined.
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Secure Digital (SD) memory cards
× 72
a standard that provides compatibility between cameras and lenses from several different manufacturers that adhere to the standard. One of the distinguishing feature…
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Questions about photography using 35mm film or a digital sensor of equivalent size.
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The function of digital cameras that shows a live view from the imaging sensor on an LCD display.
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The process of making an image appear natural to the eye, either by changing the lighting or by changing the white balance or tint of an image after the fact.
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For questions pertaining to wedding photography.
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The means and methodologies of safely and effectively keeping equipment, prints, and other photography-related items around the home or for travel.
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Canon's 2nd generation, high-end full frame digital SLR camera, released in 2008.
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Concerning concepts, tips and tricks that are more relevant to people who are new to photography. This tag shouldn't be used just for questions that happen to be asked by beginners.
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Learning questions ask directly about the process of learning — questions about schooling or about educational resources, for example. This tag should not be used to indicate that one would like to le…
× 67
the automated editing of photos or metadata through the use of scripts or recorded actions.
× 67
a digital imaging sensor smaller than the traditional film size for the system in which it is used. APS-C is a cropped-sensor format compared to traditional 35mm-film or to "full…
× 66
Discussion of the buttons, dials, wheels, switches, and menus found on cameras.
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an open source, and freely distributed piece of software used for photo manipulation and retouching.
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refers to to physical size of a camera's sensor.
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The Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC) is a popular class of digital system cameras. Unlike a compact digital camera, a MILC is equipped with an interchangeable lens mount and unlike a digi…
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Not playing organized games with cameras, but rather the genre of photography which deals with taking pictures of the action.
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shooting with a computer connected to the camera for control and/or instant transfer of images
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Questions about how much of the scene a camera can see, and what can affect how much is seen.
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Altering a photo so that it departs from reality in some significant way.
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Also called "Point and Shoot" cameras, they mostly have automatic controls with a builtin flash
× 63
to measure and/or adjust the color response of a device (input or output) to a known state. In International Color Consortium (ICC) terms, this is the basis for an ad…
× 63
a Japanese company manufacturing photographic lenses, optical components and commercial/industrial-use optics. Tamron Headquarters is located in Saitama City in the Saitama Prefecture of Jap…
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a Japanese Camera manufacturer.
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family of mirror-less interchangeable lens camera made by Sony
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transmitter and receiver units which enable off-camera flash
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In manual exposure mode, the photographer chooses both aperture and shutter speed for exposure.