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Except power zooming lens , Zooming in/out manually while clicking the photograph in order to give effect is safe .however below is some tips to improve the result . Here are a few tips to help you improve your results with zoom effect : Zoom-Effect Keep the Camera Still – as you will be using a slow shutter speed any movement of the camera will ...


Moving elements around in the lens or changing its size (most lenses get longer or shorter when zoomed) will necessarily move air around. Doing so while the shutter is open may allow dust to get on the sensor. Since getting a little bit of dust on the sensor is the worst thing that can happen if you zoom during an exposure, I would call it perfectly safe.


I found this technique as a recommendation to try out with a DSLR in a number of books on photography. To my knowledge it is safe for the lens and the body.


Provided your lens isn't a power zoom (fairly rare, these lenses have motors that drive the zoom mechanism), then no you will not damage either camera or lens.


Leica 10X binoculars show a field-of-view of 6.7°. This is slightly wider than a 400mm lens on a full-frame camera. The Panasonic FZ1000 has an equivalent 25-400mm zoom, so at its maximum it will appear slightly more zoomed-in than the binoculars, showing a 6.1° angle-of-view. The angle-of-view is the best way to compare these two because other measures ...


The big advantage of superzoom cameras is that you get a big zoom lens at a reasonable price. The downside is that the optical quality is often not that good. A superzoom lens may offer say 28mm wide angle to 1000mm zoom. 50mm is what the eye sees so 1000mm = 20 x magnification (i.e. objects will appear 20x nearer). Binocular optical quality can ...

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