Sunset in Kruger

by MrFrench

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The only difference in terms of sharpness I see is that the first shot appears to be at f/2.8 and slightly front-focused, while the second appears to be shot at f/1.8 and either slightly front focused if you are aiming for the branch in the left central area or grossly back focused if you were aiming for the nearer branch. When viewed at the same display ...


Prime lenses are generally sharper due to the reduced diffraction by not having the extra lens elements required for zoom lenses. A prime lens, even a cheap one, is a master of one focal length, that's all it needs to do and generally, it does it as well as the glass permits. Whereas, a zoom has to get it right over a much larger focal range, in other ...


The 24-70 is an f/2.8 lens. You are shooting at f/2.8. The lens is fine. Read up on what Depth Of Field is and you will understand why your pictures appear blurry. They are not, you are just using a small Depth Of Field.

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