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I just did some test shots with my Canon FX50 and my Sony F3 with 55-210mm lens Here are the results - read from Bridge: Sony: F3 with 55-210mm Started at 55 mm - Bridge shows 55m - focal length in 35mm = 82mm F3 with 55-210mm full zoom at 210mm - Bridge shows 210mm - focal length in 35mm = 315mm Shows lens as 55-210mm Canon FX 50 (50 times zoom) No zoom ...


Images shot at a high ISO have high amounts of grain which is called noise. Why it is called as 'noise' (What is technical reason behind this word). This is an engineering term that drives from the audio world. The first electronic means of amplification were used on audio signals (phones, PA's etc). In the older days high gain amplifiers often added ...


Here are some adapters for all types of optics to SLR bodies and this thread offers some suggestions on how to do it. For what its worth you may be able to get them to all screw together but you may have focusing issues. It will really depend on the binoculars you have and the adapters you can find (or make if you are crafty). On one hand you may be able to ...


I have both the 24-70mm f/2.8 (V1) and the 24-105mm f/4. I have not used the 24-70mm since I bought the 24-105mm. The 24-70 is heavier, longer and has no image stabilization. I get less sharp pictures from the 24-70. I do prefer the 50mm f/1.4 If you have no lens I would recommend the 24-105 first. Then a nifty 50, even the 1.8 is great, and then I would ...

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