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No lens you'll ever be ale to afford is capable of that. To get a frame-filling shot of a 1 yard scene at a distance of 200 yards, you'd need an angle of view of about 0.3 degrees. To get that angle of view on an APS-C sensor, you'd need a 4000mm lens. That's 5 times longer than the longest lens mass-produced by Canon. There actually is a lens that could ...


As for which lens to use on which body, I do think you are over-thinking it. Both cameras are full frame cameras, and all your lenses are L series lenses. So, with any matchup, you have L lenses on full-frame bodies. As for which camera/lens combination to use where, I suggest you use the body that performs best in low light for indoor shots. All the lenses ...


This is entirely too variable to give a meaningful answer to. Higher quality lenses will last longer under the same usage criteria. But an abused high quality lens won't last as long as a well cared for cheap lens. (Although I suppose some might argue that many cheap lenses effectively come broken from the factory.) Additionally, lenses don't just become ...


There is no approximate durability. It depends on many factors. If durability is important to you, beyond proper care I would recommend a Canon L series lens that is weather sealed and likely is made of longer lasting materials. See this for much more information: What makes a camera 'weather sealed'? Also: What is the difference between Canon ...

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