Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper

Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper
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What I want to do is be able to use the camera at night in the city and get as much natural/environmental light without use of higher ISO (digital noise) Well you need to forget that idea. High ISO is a must regardless of lens choice for night shooting without a long exposure or flash. If noise is a major issue for then get good noise reduction ...


What max aperture is the Zeiss. Do you have a link to a specification? I have a Sony A77 mk1 which is somewhat worse in low light than a mk2 so gives a guide. In general terms the A77i is goodish at ISO 800, bearable at 1600 and usable at 2400 or 3200 if you value a usable image over noise. ie 800 would be daytime max if you cared somewhat. More at night ...

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