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There are several reasons to shoot RAW and JPEG: Just to recap: RAW is the information the camera gathers from the sensor, without (or just a bit) modification. JPEG is a lossy compressed image, which is created out of the RAW file according to your settings of film simulation, dynamic range optimisation, noise reduction and so on. In short, it misses ...


I use Wow! Tonal Equalizer the most. It provides Multi Scale Frequency Seprartion in one click. It is the closest thing to Wavelet Decompose in Photoshop. I hope one day for access to each detail layer. They said it is coming...


I like your idea of having cards with unique QR codes on. What works for you depends very much on what you want to achieve. The commercial event software may well be best if you want to use this to make money. I have a system that works well enough for me without too much work. My "day job" is as an electrical design engineer, but I photograph various ...


If you have some of the newer Macbook Pros, consider upgrading your wifi to 802.11 ac - the performance increase will make your NAS access more enjoyable. You can also configure LR to create local cache for fast preview and if you import the images as DNG, you can embed fast load data that will make the images from your NAS to appear faster. Finally, you ...


Your setup is very similar to mine, and working with the RAW images over wifi should be fine unless you're doing something like timelapses or lots of HDR work, which it sounds like you aren't. A few thoughts on the slow speed aspect. I don't think it's the WIFI or the NAS. More likely, especially with a 24 megapixel RAW image, is some other resource. How ...

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