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A lot of this is a solved problem using Adobe Bridge, it's much better for this kind of task than LightRoom. My batch workflow is to tag the keepers in bridge, filter on the tag. Colour, Crop, and Curve them in Camera Raw. Any that need more massaging get a separate tag for me to hand-tweak in Photoshop. You'd want to run them all through Nik and that's ...


For web images you will want sRGB JPEG which is 8 bits/channel - not 16 as you stated. For printing - do you mean to send to an external printer or print yourself. If printing yourself why export at all - you can print the Photoshop file directly from either Photoshop or Lightroom. I prefer printing from Lightroom as it will rescale to the appropriate dpi ...


In light room it very simple to do a batch process, all you have to do is to shift select all the images imported with the image you have applied the editing. Then press sync button on the bottom of the editing panel ,it will ask what modifications you have to synchronize. Check the desired modifications and apply.


Just wanted to add this. We had a similar situation with a customer, we tried everything up to building a new catalog. Changing the protocol from the network drive where the images resides on from smb to afp solved it.


I am School Photographer and there is a few different techniques I use. Technique 1: We use Bespoke Software which Tethers our Laptop to the Camera we then have a spreadsheet of names. Each photo is then associated to the name. Technique 2: We use essentially a blank spreadsheet. Each person writes down there name and class. Then we write down their ...

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