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I simply needed to navigate to /Volumes to find the other mounted devices.


Well, it might not be the most elegant solution but I did it this way: copied all pictures from every source into a single device, even if they were duplicated for the pictures in the OS X photo app, I just copied them out of there using the console (the photo library is actually a folder) I used Photos Duplicate Cleaner, which I found for free in the app ...


I don't think it's possible in Lightroom. You could, however, cut down the processing passes by stitching three bracketed sets first, and then doing the HDR/exposure fusion of the panoramas, so instead of exposure-merging eight sets of images and then stitching, you stitch three sets of eight images, and then exposure merge three panos. It is possible to ...


I recently purchase mycloud from western digital. really fantastic to bring all stuff together. plugs right into the router. The whole family can access or limit as you choose. One thing I wish I had done is purchase little more expensive with self backup. Otherwise works great. Also it can be access from cell phone or computer(your). Really love it and it ...


I just did a 360 hdr pano using the new built in features. There isn't a one button setup that you could select them all and make it happen. You can do your first round of hdr and while it is processing use the keyboard shortcuts Alt-Shift-H (Windows) or Option-Shift-H (Mac) to use the same settings on the next bracket to get it started. Then you can go onto ...


A reasonable answer to this would be "it depends" (another perspective is to "battle a little against the idea of objective metrics") I'd recommend consulting this chart to determine how long you should spend trying to figure out a quicker way if 'quickness' is what you are looking for. However if you decide to approach this as an exercize in ...

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