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SL is for the "smart" optical systems--Nikon's CLS or Canon's wireless eTTL systems. Depending on your camera body, you may have a master/commander for these systems in your pop-up flash, but for Nikon that requires a D7x00 body or higher, and in Canon's system, a T3i or later/higher body. The "EX" designation on Yongnuo flashes indicates that the flash is ...


If you have the YN565EX version for Nikon, the SL mode allows it to receive signals from a Nikon Master flash using the automated iTTL flash exposure system. S1 & S2 modes are for manually set flash levels. If you have the Canon version, SL mode similarly enables the YN565EX to work as a receiver with Canon's e-TTL automatic flash exposure system. Both ...


No, you cannot set off the YN-565EXII from an RF-603II without attaching another RF-603II to act as a receiver on the foot of the flash. The YN-565EX has no built-in radio receiver. However, the RF-603II does not have to be on the camera hotshoe to set off the flash--you can use one in-hand as your transmitter with the test button. The trouble will be ...


Edited. No. My response was wrong. It can not be trigged by radio. So I'm editing the post. You need to use a reciver conected to the flash. But if you need the ttl function you need something like the Yongnuo YN622-TX Wireless ETTL. If you use the 603 you can only use the manual remote mode on the flash.

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