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Many digital cameras now have built-in WiFi but it is usually tied to the application provided which may be upgraded from time to time. What I suggest doing, if you are looking for such a camera is look at these applications and then read the list of compatible cameras. Most such apps are on the Android store which makes them easy to find. For cameras that ...


If you don't need to programmatically control the 70D via API, but just want to remotely control the camera as if you were behind it, I'd recommend the CamRanger wireless camera controller. It supports the 70D: live view, focus stacking, HDR, toggle autofocus, etc.


Just set up a wireless bridge and all your cameras and access points can be seen on the same network. google "wireless bridge" for the details.


There is, apparently, a python Eyefi server that you can run on your NAS, which allows you to use an older eyefi card in the way you describe. (The current Mobi cards can only do ad hoc networking). See: http://thijs.elenbaas.net/2013/03/installing-an-eye-fi-server-on-a-synology-nas/

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