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If you want really cheap, all the Yongnuo flashes with names that end in EX can be used as a CLS slave with i-TTL, although I believe only the YN-586EX can do FP/HSS and not all the models come in Nikon versions. Yongnuo will put gold lettering on the Nikon versions of the flash, silver letter on the Canon version. And yes, even the Canon versions can be ...


Since you asked this question, Nikon has come out with the SB-500, which I have and I love it. Works with CLS, so you already have a trigger. It's very compact and also has a 3-LED video light, which is fairly unique and could come in very handy for video or other uses.


I am not aware of any formal name for it. I don't believe it is any standard, just something Canon's engineers cooked up. Your best bet is probably to packet monitor the traffic.


A quick look around shows that there are several wired solutions for remote control. For Canon cameras, there's something called DSLR controller that can use a connected mobile wifi router. Lr timelapse claims that this works with nikon cameras as well, using DSLR dashboard. I certainly think it can't hurt to get an OTG cable for the smartphone and see if ...

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