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Lightroom doesn't per default write to the image files, it only stores the info in it's database. If you want to have that info available externally, you can say "write metadata" in the context menu, or activate an option in the preferences "write changes automatically to XMP" (or similar). "XMP" in this case stands for the XMP space in JPEGs or XMP sidecar ...


Apparently Windows doesn't manage ICC profiles created with version 4, so I'd have to use version 2 while calibrating. Source: X-Rite support How not to make Windows display false colors


Photoshop and Lightroom are color-managed software tools while the windows preview isn't. If you're doing softproof with any type of profile, it's normal that it appears strange. Softproofing is only to see how the prints will come out. Check out the eBook to get knowledge about the whole workflow of digital color management: ...

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