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I wrote following Pyhton script for this. # Script: remove_jpg_if_raw_exists.py # # Description: This script looks in all sub directories for # pairs of JPG and RAW files. # For each pair found the JPG is moved to a # waste basket directory. # Otherwise JPG is kept. # # Author: Thomas Dahlmann ...


Here's a Python script which moves .jpg files, if no RAW exists. Useful in Mac OS! import os import shutil raw_ext = '.CR2' jpg_ext = '.JPG' destination = '/Users/JohnSmith/Desktop/jpgs/' for filename in os.listdir('.'): (shortname, extension) = os.path.splitext(filename) if extension == raw_ext: if os.path.isfile(shortname + jpg_ext): ...


I've noticed that this problem may also be fixed my removing the memory card(s).


http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/your-camera-disconnects-tethering.html This is a MAC and PC fix for Lightroom I found on the Adobe site. Don't know why no one is passing this around. But, here it is. Worked well for me. Tested today and ran D800 for 3 hours without a disconnect on an iMac. First time I've been problem free since version 4. D.A.

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