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The config file of Ufraw is located in %USERPROFILE% and it is named .ufrawrc You can delete or rename this file to reset your current settings P.S. There is a dot as first symbol in filename


Use Fastone img browser. It's free, it's fast an gives you a full control over quality, size and nuerous other transformations and effects.


JPEGmini. It's $20 for the full version, but you can trial it (as a test of quality) for free. The trial version (or, rather, the unactivated version) has a 20-image-per-day cap — no time bomb, though, so someone with different needs may never have to pay for it. The full version can recompress entire directories at a go. It'll take most large high-quality ...


Photoshop will certainly do this, and quite well. You can easily achieve it by saving an action with the steps you desire and can even save it as a droplet that to be used on demand very easily. This has more information on Photoshops capabilities in this area:

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