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Given that most of those covers are designed for Canon L lenses, which are high visibility white normally, they would have an effect in making your lens less visible when it pokes out from a hide... But that's not because of the camo pattern, it's because it's now darker than it used to be... For a Nikon lens (which are all black) there should never be a ...


Movement, scent, noise and shape are more likely to effect an animal's behaviour than the pattern of the camouflage used on a lens. However the pattern may help in that it breaks up the shape of the outline of the lens, which is alien to the animal's habitat and will most likely be seen a trap. As many animals are colour blind, the colour may not effect ...


I think animals are more likely to notice the lens glass as that's what is pointed in their direction. It's hard to say that they'd notice the side of something not facing them. Also consider that they're more likely to notice you before they notice the relatively small lens. However, I wouldn't knock the product as being completely useless. Yes, there are ...

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