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Or buy a new D7200 body to re-use your 70-300. You still get the full 24-megapixels for a longer reach, and the 2nd body is still cheaper than a longer full-frame telephoto lens. A D7200 + 70-300 maybe lighter and more compact than a stand-alone full frame telephoto lens longer than 300mm. I have a D610 and I'm beginning to realize this.


Or buy the 28-300, it's $1,000, but will get you that reach. Somewhat ironic, but the FX 750 will get you less resolution over the same area. Even with my 16MP DX D7000 that I owned previous, I got more pixels per square inch at the same focal length than with my D750.


When you took the photo with a 300mm length, it got cropped on a crop sensor. You didn't actually get a 450mm photo, but still a 300mm cropped photo. With full frame, it will still take the same photo but without any cropping. If you crop it in photoshop then you will get the exact same photo as your crop camera... you are basically not missing out on any ...


To get the same reach as the long end of your 70-300mm lens on an APS-C body, you need a lens with a focal length of 450mm on the D750. To get any Nikon lens with that kind of focal length at f/5.6 or wider requires a substantial expenditure compared to what you paid for the 70-300. The Nikon 500mm f/4 sells for about $7,900 new. The 400mm f/2.8 runs a ...


To get the equivalent FoV ("reach") on full frame that a 70-300 has on 1.5 crop would require a (70-300)*1.5 = 105-450mm lens. This will probably be at least twice as expensive as a 70-300, and will definitely be larger and more difficult to handle. Make sure you're ok with the possibility of relearning technique or adding stabilization--and possibly ...

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