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You're mixing up some terminology here, so starting with vocabulary, a "wide angle lens" is one that can go wide and give a you a very large field of view--a lens that takes in the scene. What "25mm wide angle" means is that when you're zoomed all the way out, the field of view you have is equivalent to what a 25mm lens would see on a 35mm film camera. ...


If you are interested in just one single image from an uncalibrated system - not really. If you are interested in number 2) setting up your own custom profile for those industrial cameras, then I'd say talk to Tom from epaperpress(dot)com - maker of PTLens. He may be able to help you. V/R B.


1) Is it possible to do automatic CA removal from a single image? Yes. Lightroom does this, and probably Aperture too. Most dedicated photography (as opposed to generic image processing a la Photoshop & GIMP) software should come with a tool to reduce CA too. 2) Can you automatically generate a lens profile to reduce CA? Not that I know of. CA is ...

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