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Portraits can be taken at a variety of different focal lengths it all depends on the type of look and feel you would like. Traditionally a longer focal length 50mm and above is used but there really are no set rules as rules are meant to be broken every now and then! :)


Have you considered the new EF-S 10-18mm f/4-5.6 STM ultrawide zoom for crop? Its MSRP is US$299, so it's about half the price of the EF-S 10-22. Sorry, but due to the crop factor, you're not going to find an ultrawide for full frame that also performs as an ultrawide for crop, and definitely not one for $500 or less. To me, this would be a far better ...


Nobody can know that better than you. If you feel you need to go wider, get the 14mm lens, but keep in mind two things: It is never wide enough (I have a 12-24mm and I wished I could go down to 10mm. I am sure that if I had a 10mm I would wish I could go to 8mm...) The wider the lens, the more difficult it is to make nice compositions. Personally, I ...

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