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For an f/2.8 lens, it is not really necessary. f/2.8 is a fast lens and you can use higher shutter speeds. For an f/4 lens, it might be useful in some situations. An f/4 lens is a medium speed lens and can require shutter speeds slower than desired. This is why Canon has IS on their f/4 lenses and not on their f/2.8 lenses ("L" Series).


I think the question is mainly about performance of various lenses. Set at 18mm your 18-105 will shoot the same field of view as the 18-55 set at 18mm. However that does not mean the pictures will come out the same. Generally speaking the 18-55 is a sharp lens across the range it servers (I dont own an 18-105 so I cant really comment). A lot of people really ...


Hugin panotools has a mosaic-scan stitching mode (vs the usual rotating-camera mode) that correctly handles the perspective issues from the camera moving. See, for example, a Hugin tutorial, which begins by saying Normal panoramas are stitched from a number of photos taken from the same location such that the nodal point of the lens stays stationary and ...


While it isn't as wide you might want I get my best aurora photos using a Sigma 16-35 F1.8. Reasonably priced (under $1000) lens and both its image quality and construction are superb. Fast enough shutter speeds to avoid the 'soft' images that come with longer exposures without needing to push ISO. If you can live with 16mm its an awesome aurora\Milky Way ...


...I just answered my question about the macro/ wide angle lens - you just screw it on to the end of the zoom lens :)


How you should prioritize the characteristics of a lens really depends on what it is you're attempting to achieve. One man's distortion is another man's funky fun. And some folks hold with HCB that sharpness is a bourgeois concept. :) It's really up to you and what you feel you need out of the lens--it's your money, after all. It sounds like you want the ...

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