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If you're doing 360 Virtual Tours, you need BOTH wide-angle lens and stitching. I use a 180-degree fisheye lens on a full-frame camera, then stitch the photos together to create a 360-degrees panorama. You can do this with a less wide lens, but it will be so tiresome and error-prone.


photo stitching is a useful skill that all photographers but it is not viable for most plants, animals, people, or cars. it does however have a use for landscapes and time progression photography


A longer lens is pretty much always going to potentially be more flattering than a short lens, but that's true of anyone, regardless of age. I think an important question to answer is exactly what kind of portrait you are creating. A head-and-shoulders portrait is different from a full-body or environmental portrait. While you might want to use a longer ...


Facial distortion is likely if the photographer works in too close. Best if the lens used is a moderate telephoto. We are talking 2X thru 2 ½ X of the focal length that is “normal” for the camera’s format. “Normal” is a focal length about equal to the diagonal measure of the imaging senor (or film frame). For the Fx (full frame), that’s 50mm. Thus 100 thru ...


Do portrait photographers ever use wide or ultra-wide angle lenses as a main lens for children portraiture, or are long focal lengths the better choice? It is highly unlikely that any portrait photographer would use a wide or ultra-wide angle lens as their main lens. Of course it is possible but far from typical. In the particular case of kids, ...


As always in photography (and most other arts), rules are generally accepted, but they are ment to be broken if it fits your cause. To answer specifically to the question about children photography: what you describe is not completely wrong and can be applied in the sense you would want to. You can find some examples in the following link. From the second ...


First, it's important to note that you can get the same effect as a wide angle lens with stitched images, if you use the correct distortion (rectilinear) model. The problem with this approach is that if the images to be stitched were shot with a longer lens, the projection to rectilinear coordinates will significantly stretch the image, leaving you with ...

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