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I am using a Nikon D7000 and have found that using the "Daylight" preset produces a far too orange color cast. I have switched to using a custom temp of about 3300 that works rather well.


Warning: long meandering, speculative "answer" (and it may not even directly translate to Lightroom). In addition to the already described good practices for portrait photos, there's another subtle aspect that pertains to situations "in the wild" where the white balance you want for the image as a whole doesn't produce very pleasing skintones. I find this a ...


The short version of the answer to your question is that you do it both "in camera" and in post-production. A longer answer breaks out into a few thoughts: In Camera Light the subject correctly. I really recommend using an incident light meter (a decent hand held one) to calculate the correct exposure for the subject rather than relying on the reflective ...


The short answer to your question in "No". White balance can not compensate for color differences due to different light sources. The slightly longer answer is that white balance is a set of relative exposure gain factors applied to the image post-exposure. The spectral radiance of the scene to be captured is the integral of the spectral power ...


In these three circumstances, nothing can get you identical colors all over the image because the lighting setup is totally different: overcast sky - one huge softbox, about 6500K direct sunlight - one bare light, about 5500K-6000K, and one huge softbox, about 15000K...27000K (clear sky) or 6500K (overcast) halogen light - one bare light, 3000K White ...


No. You won't get the exact same colors with white balance only. 1 - Built in settings The built in white balance settings are a very, very generic correction. If you are in a hurry, well, they are better than nothing. 2 - Custom White balance You can make a custom white balance with a grey card to have better specific results. A white balance is a ...

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