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With the banner against the wall, rather than separated from it, you have to make the subject look right and fix the background in PS. Use a tripod and take a series of bracketed exposures. Tools for HDR/tone mapping might make quick work of the resulting stack, or IAC the overexposed version is good for making the mask. I have a similar issue with ...


ideally you should light the background and the banner separately. This might be quite hard to achieve this look if you are using auto mode though. Does your camera have a manual mode by any chance? Leon


The problem with color temperature expressed in Kelvins is that they do not refer to a single color bias - the same temperature can be expressed with different color values. So for raw files, it is more useful to keep this information as series of two or three color values as opposed to K. You could use exiftool -AsShotNeutral <raw file name> with ...

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