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For low-light photography, for moving subjects, where you want full-body coverage in frame, (which is your primary use - in night clubs) then a 24mm on a crop-sensor camera (which is your D3200) would be my recommendation. It's wide enough to get full body in frame at distances from ~10-12ft. The fixed focal length / prime lens will allow wide aperture so ...


General Advice Being a wedding photographer means that you have to stay one or two steps ahead of the bride and groom, know your equipment like it is an extension of your body, and be able to create beautiful images that tell a story. You already have a great understanding of your equipment(sans OCF) and are already a successful portrait photographer. What ...


If you've never worked a wedding before, I'd highly recommend suggesting that you'd be willing to work with them as a second shooter, but are not particularly comfortable being the sole photographer for the wedding as you lack experience working weddings. Then work with them to try to find a photographer who does have primary shooter experience and see if ...


As for which lens to use on which body, I do think you are over-thinking it. Both cameras are full frame cameras, and all your lenses are L series lenses. So, with any matchup, you have L lenses on full-frame bodies. As for which camera/lens combination to use where, I suggest you use the body that performs best in low light for indoor shots. All the lenses ...


I think Phil addressed the fact that it really comes down to personal preference very well. One area that wasn't hit on was your question about durability though. I wouldn't worry too much about the durability of any of the options. The Fuji Pearl option tells us that they are using a photochemical process with light sensitive papers to do traditional ...


What's 'best' is going to be largely a matter of personal preference, and as such I would recommend getting some samples if you're unsure. The site you've linked to offer sample photo books and print colour tests on different papers for a small fee: This will be the best way to check you're getting what ...

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