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I think that the reason is that some customers may consider "editing" as "cheating", and because some photographers does not want them to see the "bad" raw photos. Costumers also don't take into account possibilities in future image editing technologies which may take advantage of re-processing the original RAW file (rather than being applied on an 8-bit ...


Because IME they will at best ask you to edit more or worse....distribute the un-edited ones because "MOAR pics = better!". If you ask them nicely, they may be the very least a few weeks after the edited ones have been delivered.


Even the best photographers will take some photos that aren't good. Poorly composed, poorly lit, subjects eyes closed etc. You can't get a lot of good photos without also getting some duds. If they give you these photos as well, it reflects poorly on the quality of their work overall. You may want to have all of the photos, regardless of the quality. ...


Because some dumbass lawyer sued a wedding photographer who gave him "everything". Gary Fong helped out the original photographer and he's financially OK, but I bet the photographer is going to have second thoughts from now on.


Depends where you go: my wife and I got married in Vegas (we live in Australia) and hired two photographers over two days. Both gave us copies of the full set of photos on DVD with minimal retouching, for no extra charge over the hourly rate, within 5 days of the shoots. In the UK and AU you've got a smaller labour pool of photographers. The labour market ...


Your premise is incorrect. They most certainly do want to release the originals as it is likely far and away the most lucrative package they offer. I would personally fly to your location and shoot your wedding, but it will cost you $15k. The fact is that they won't release the images for the relatively small monetary cost they book the shooting session ...


I'd rather not just let the photographer pick the X images that he/she thinks are best to edit and deliver because he/she won't have the same opinion as me as to which images are the best. But you let him pick what equipment he uses, the settings of the camera, the lens, where he points the camera, when he takes an image, etc. It's odd pay somebody to ...


Event photographers are generally in the business of selling prints, not just snapping photos. They want to sell you the best images they can make, not the raw material for making those images. There may also be some concern that their name will be attached to images that they didn't entirely control: they don't want to be associated with your questionable ...


The images also sell better after they are fixed. :)


Because unedited / unretouched images do not represent the photographers' best efforts. A wedding photographer is not somebody hired to use an expensive point-and-shoot. The shots they take require editing because there is more information in the RAW file (digital negative) than can be represented in any JPEG image. It's part of the creative process to ...

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