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I think the best answer for this is simply... Don't be afraid to ask. I personally was just in the same boat and was wondering how would I go about being able to second shoot with another photographer and how would could I find another way to learn more than I already know. Watching YouTube and other educational material will just not cut it forever. I ...


Unless you're trying to achieve professional-quality lighting, yes. If you are considering any kind of external lighting keep in mind that no P&S is going to properly compensate for an external strobe, so any supplemental lighting would need to be constant or you'll have a lot of blown out photos and frustrated photo-takers. If you want people to use ...


I've done a few booths so far, with a fixed lighting system and some on-camera flashs, and I havent had it even once where the fixed lighting was actually used. The scenery of these images change so often that you should not worry about it, from single pictures to 6+ groups you will see everything and as the day passes (and probably the more booze is ...


Taking polaroids at wedding receptions is nice. There are some things that you should be aware of: There's no polaroid film available any more. You can get modern film from the impossible project, but it does not develop as quickly as the original polaroid film. Waiting a long time for a polaroid image kind of defeats the point of using that technology. ...


Sure, some sort of "proper" lighting setup will give you better results than on camera flash... but as your friend is wanting photos of people with funny accessories on a polaroid camera, I suspect that he's not after your traditional formal portraits. Keep it simple, go with the on-camera flash and concentrate on getting fun images which capture the guests ...

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