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Time to be with loved ones

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You can use a reflector, an external flash, a softbox on a flash...These are the main less heavy solutions, that can be used. There are a lot of videos and tutorials you can read and watch for any particular way! Hope that helps!


You soften light by diffusing it. Anything that increases the surface area that light is coming from will work. It can be a softbox, an umbrella, a reflector or even bouncing the flash off a ceiling. The softness or hardness of a light comes from how directional the light is and the size of the area the light is coming from largely determines how ...


This client wants to purchase a professional photographers work. The key question to ask yourself here is if you can deliver professional work. If the answer is yes, then you should get paid to do so. Some of the factors to consider are not in your question, so Is this a "shoot and burn" wedding. Are you simply providing what falls out of your camera? Or ...

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