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Yes, there is a breathtaking amount of copyright infringement going on on the internet. The thing is: where it concerns images, most of it happens with the implicit approval of the copyright holders, who basically like to have their stuff shared and pinned and retweeted all over the internet (at least by consumers) because that gets them attention and ...


It's not generally illegal to take photos of people in public and then post them on an ad supported website. Just as it's not illegal for those people to sue the living daylights out of you for using their likeness to promote goods or services that they find offensive. There are plenty of laws that can apply that are very fair in that regard - libel, ...


Don't change the resolution of the image. The resolution is irrelevant when you display images in a web page. The browser only cares about the pixel dimensions of the image. Just resize the image to the pixel dimensions that you want. If you then want to set the resolution (although the browser doesn't care), use the Image Size settings again, but uncheck ...


Try Irfanview. press the key 'B' will open a seperate menu for batch conversion. there you can add any no of images, you also have an advanced menu.


XnView allows you to batch process files, while adding all sorts of filters. You can probably achieve something similar as "sharpen, quality 38, blur 0.3" by fiddling a little bit with all the options and filters.


It depends if the images were released and under what conditions. Generally speaking, in most cases the creator of an image has the copyright for it and it can only be used with their permission except of a select few situations known as "fair use". Fair Use varies by legal jurisdiction and consists of the situations in which it is legally deemed to be in ...


It depends on the local law, that differs among countries. For example, in my country - Poland, it is legally allowed to take and publish photo containing a person as long as the photo is not a portrait-like - the person on the photo is not the main subject of it. But still there are few exceptions from this rule.


I've created a really simple and fast PHP photographers portfolio It's called Turbo Photo Portfolio. It is simpler than the software in other answers because there is no config per se - all you have to do is put your photos in a certain file structure as well as changing the about file and it's done! My photography website currently uses it with PHP and ...

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