Time to be with your loved ones

Time to be with loved ones

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If you are in Flickr I recommend you Critique2 About the group: Critique 2 is all about member participation. Think of this group as a workshop, where you can display your work to other photographers of all levels of experience and skill, for discussion of its strengths and weaknesses, suggestions for improvement and hints for overcoming shortcomings. ...


There are several web sites which collect information on camera models and provide convenient ways to narrow down to specific options that fit what you need. My favorite is part of the the Neocamera site. You can use the Camera Search to narrow down the field by camera type and by focal length in 35mm equivalent terms. "35mm equivalent" is a little ...


A lot of people like Squarespace and SmugMug to host their galleries/portfolios (and they have some capabilities for sales). DeviantArt, 500px, and 1x are places for sharing images and having them rated/reviewed by others and can help get some exposure (as well as sales). Snapsation may be something you're looking for, though I don't know how much it gets ...


The OP says "we will have a volunteer take photos". Since there is only one volunteer per event, this makes it easier. After the event, you can borrow their card and make a copy. You may want to have spare cards in case the volunteer is uncomfortable with you handling their cards which may have photos from outside the event. For light editing, there are ...


I used a Nikon D4 which embeds IPTC into RAWS and jpgs. Before an event I upload a batch of templates into the camera. D4 is USB connected to my Pi but you can also connect it via wifi to avoid wires. the RAWS are stored on a HD and the jpgs sent to my database running php scripts to retreive the metadata and flash them beside the thumbnails on my website. ...


Check out Peecho they have what they call the Simple Print Button. It is a simple snippet of HTML which you can add to your site. This generates a Buy Print button and handles everything else, from selection products, shipping information, payment, customer support, printing and delivery. You can set a margin on each product to earn some profit. There is ...

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