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This is called vignetting, it is caused by light being blocked from reaching that part of the frame that hits other parts. It can have a number of different causes, however common causes are the geometry of the lens itself resulting in light falloff near the edges, filters attached to the lens blocking some light from reaching the corners and a lens hood ...


When an aperture is wide open the angle of the light that can enter from is wider, so the edge of the lens it's self blocks the light coming into the lens. By stopping the aperture down you make the hole the light has to pass through smaller. This in turn means the angle of light that can pass through is smaller and more focused and so removed the lens as ...


This called a vignet and is mostly caused in this strengh by a wide-angle-lens itself on wide angle focal length. The strengh vari from lens to lens. My Canon EF-S 18-135mm has the same "problem" on 18mm. My Sigma 17-50mm hasnĀ“t this "problem" so much. You can compensate/eliminate this effect by using post processing software like Lightroom or change to a ...

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