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The parallax from a non-TTL viewfinder means Fuji can't be completely accurate. They give up altogether with macro shooting and force EVF use because of this. And this is something rangefinder users are familiar with, and the behavior is not unexpected. But Fuji can make it more accurate. The update to the hybrid viewfinder in the X100T, is a demonstration ...


It seems like you have mirror lockup enabled. The first full press of the shutter button will cause the mirror to move up (just as it does before taking a normal photo using the viewfinder) but the shutter will not be opened. A second full press of the shutter button will activate the shutter to take the photo. If the shutter is not pressed again for 30 ...


I was just wondering is it meant to be there or is it manufacturing error? It's definitely intentional -- it's the same in the viewfinder and on the top LCD on my Canon 6D. However, the icon on the Battery Info page on the main screen lacks the open spot. My educated guess is that the hole in the battery icon provides access for the conductors that ...


That's how it's meant to look. Refer the manual from Canon's website, page 23: Refer also p36: the top LCD should be the same.

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