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The two main places the sand could be is on your mirror or on your focus screen. I'd suggest using a bulb blower (e.g., RocketBlower), and not physically touching anything in the camera (e.g., using a brush or microfiber or something). Whatever you do, don't use canned air. Simply taking the lens off the camera will show you the mirror. The focus screen ...


I was taking 7 minute and longer exposures during the day with 16 fstops of ND and the light leak without a viewfinder cover is terriiiibleeee. You have to use a viewfinder cover for longer exposure times. I sometimes take 20 minute long exposures depending on how slow the clouds are moving and if I were to take that photo with the sun behind me and without ...


What you are demonstrating in your pictures is more of a case of "aliasing" than pixelation. If that's what you mean (the perception that the picture is composed of straight lines rather than proper curves), it happens because of the real time picture resize algorithms the camera uses to display the 24MP images coming from the sensor on the 2MP EVF, and it ...

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