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The most likely answer is that Mack Camera forgot to replace the focusing screen in the camera body after they inspected it. This will cause the image to not form correctly in the viewfinder, but it will not affect the picture taken by the camera. This is the answer that Dale L gave, and a very simple test for the user is to take a test photo with the ...


I just had the same problem. It seems to be the translucent screen is missing above the mirror.


An EVF works exactly like live view. There is generally no mirror, or if there is, it is half-silvered so that part of the image goes to the image sensor (which is then rendered on the EVF) and some of it is reflected to an AF sensor. The traditional optical path towards an OVF doesn't exist in an EVF. This gives the EVF a few advantages and a few ...


An electronic viewfinder isn't really a viewfinder at all (they just use that name to make it more easily understandable). It's really just a very small version of the LCD on the rear of the camera. It works, like the main LCD does, by having the camera sensor feeding the current image to the screen - when you press the shutter button, it stops doing that ...


An electronics Viewfinder is simply a video display at very high resolution from the sensor. This removes the need for a mirror and the associated mechanics that must make it move. It also removes the vibration such a mechanism causes and allows the display of important information about your scene right in your viewfinder.

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