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The light entering the camera from the viewfinder will only affect metering when the mirror is down. When the sensor is exposed, either to take a picture or to enable Live View, the mirror will be up and will block pretty much any light entering the viewfinder from reaching the imaging sensor. This is true of just about any DSLR with a reflex mirror whether ...


Yes, this is the viewfinder. And from what I see on the picture this is Canon camera. They have such unit (to "close" the viewfinder) on the strap. To put it your should remove the rubber element from viewfinder The general recommendation is to block viewfinder in case of long exposures and during low light shoots P.S. And this side light will not ...


Autofocus in life view and through the viewfinder use different technologies. In life view, the camera tries to get the best contrast for the image. The viewfinder AF uses the phase detection technology witch includes special hardware in your camera. If the viewfinder-AF does not work, you may have a hardware issue with your camera. Or you may have put ...

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