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Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper
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I have Nikon D5200 and had similar issue where it would auto-focus in 'live view mode' when shutter release button was pressed half-way but not in 'view finder mode'. Later found that I had assigned function key (Fn) to AF-C and it would only auto-focus by pressing function key (Fn) in 'viewfinder mode'.


Many manufacturers offer viewfinder extenders, but Fuji doesn't list one among the accessories for HS-series cameras. However, there are some third party "viewfinder magnifier" options that fit cameras from a number of manufacturers, including Fuji. It's hard to say whether these would fit your model (especially considering the age of this question) but they ...


Field of view is one thing, magnification is another. A 25mm (or 35mm) lens doesn't stop being a 25mm (or 35mm) lens just because you put a smaller sensor behind it. Despite it yielding a "normal" FoV on a specific format (e.g., µ4/3, APS-C). Try slapping the m.Zuiko 45/1.8 on your E-PL1, with both your eyes open, or any 50mm lens, and you'll ...


Here's the thing about crop factor: The image from a crop body sensor is only magnified 1.5x or 2.0x more when it is displayed at the same viewing size as an image from a 35mm full frame camera. If you take an image made by a 36x24 mm sensor and display it at 6x4 inches, you magnify the image 4.23X. If you take an image made by a 2.0x crop factor ยต4/3 ...

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