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If a converging lens has focal length f, a subject which is position p relative to the lens will generate an image at location q=f/(f/p-1) [the fundamental equation is f/p+f/q=-1]; the ratio of image sizes will be p:q. When p and q have the same sign, the image will be on the same side of the lens as the object, and the size ratio will be positive. When p ...


In addition to the LCD overlay in the viewfinder, covered well in this answer, some Canon lenses are focus-by-wire. Any of the STM series of lenses will not move focus elements when there is no power being supplied to the lens by the camera. From Bryan Carnathan at The-Digital-Picture: Additional typical Canon STM AF benefits include internal focusing, ...


Yes, it's normal behavior. The reason you're having problems is that the 5DMkIII has an LCD overlay in the viewfinder. This overlay is used to give you grid lines you can turn on and off and different AF point displays. Without power, the LCD becomes opaque. This behavior is identical in Nikon cameras with an LCD overlay in the viewfinder, and has long ...

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