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re: Why anyone would want to hold even the lightest camera out at arm's length baffles me. Some people, it seems, can't envision the boundaries of the frame when looking through the classic eyepiece. That's probably because the eye is not a direct percepion; rather a mental image is built up. I recall being impressed that my 3-year-old nephew could ...


The gadget you're looking for is called a video tap or video assist. They're used quite a bit in the film industry to split off an image from a motion picture camera's viewfinder and turn it into video. They used to be available off-the-shelf for SLRs, but the advent of live view has pretty much killed that market. If you or someone you know is into 3D ...


For example, the option to do AF-S focusing. That is not possible in live view. Unfortunately as I understand it DSLRs generally use phase detection when not in live view and contrast detection in live view, which seems massively inferior. I wonder if your best bet might be to get a camera that uses an electronic viewfinder more natively that will then ...


Nikon D-5300 supports WiFi therefore your best bet may be using a phone or tablet to connect to the camera and shoot using the phone/tablet. Instructions on connecting to WiFi are found here on page 167. In regards to AF-S focus, you may not have the option of using auto focus at all. Canon has the option of adjusting the focus via buttons on the phone ...


I'm not sure that there are too many options that can give you a viewfinder-like experience, but with many cameras it is possible to setup in tethered mode giving you a Live View experience on a remote device like a phone or tablet. Many will use this just for the larger screen size available. One solution I like is the CamRanger ( ...

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