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The optical viewfinder does not require any power. Take a look at the numbers in the "battery" section of each of the following links (at the very end of the article): ...


One thing not yet mentioned is that using the "live-preview" requires you to look at something about two feet away, while the viewfinder of the DSLR can be adjusted for your near- or far-sightedness. Being far-sighted, I need reading glasses to use a P&S, while using the viewfinder of a DSLR is quick and natural for me.


This is not a user-replaceable part you can easily purchase and replace. You can try to do it with an aftermarket 3rd-party screen, but be sure you know what you're doing--these things scratch very very easily. The XXXD dRebels aren't like the pre-70D XXD bodies where you just swing a latched door open and pop the new focus screen in. The focus screen of my ...


You probably can, and a Canon service centre would be able to do it, but it would be worth weighing up the cost, if it's in the optical viewfinder, then it won't affect any images because the mirror that is behind the lens that passes the image to it gets raised when the image is captured to send the light coming in through the lens onto the image sensor ...


Assuming you have a DSLR (or some higher-end mirrorless camera), you can add an eyepiece accessory to provide additional magnification (or minification, if you need negative adjustment). The adjustment in your viewfinder is measured in "diopters", just like an eyeglass prescription*, and as you note, the built-in adjustment can only go so far. But you can ...


I agree on the point AmishaKaul brings up about stability. You may have to increase shutter speed or stop down one or two levels to compensate for some increased movement. If your lighting and depth of field can be obtained using a relatively fast shutter speed or smaller aperture then Live View does offer advantages previously pointed out. You also need to ...

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