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Depending on the subject you are shooting, it may be better to shoot at a lower frame rate of 30. This would allow your sensor more time to capture light for each frame, and therefor allow for a lower ISO. Best thing to do would be to do a few video recording tests to see the differences for yourself. Record at the highest resolution and frame rate, then ...


Why can't I just take video (also at 60fps and relatively low MP) without the high ISO problem, and then choose and create still pictures to be saved? You can. Which quality is better depends on the decisions that Lumix has made. Video seems to work happily in low light that the same camera has difficulty in handling for stills. I've not looked into why ...


The apparent distance of an object in a water viewed from air ,d_prime, equals true distance* 1/1.3333 (index of refraction of air/ index of water). So an object d feet away will appear to be 25% closer in water. So you can just find the focus distance on land and then make the adjustment.

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