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Questions concerning usage of video mode of photography equipment. For questions about video consider "Video Production" sister site.

Questions concerning usage of video mode of photography equipment. Video post-production and production with other hardware is considered off-topic and should be asked on on Audio-Video Production sister site.

See Can I ask Videography related questions? for the community discussion on the topicality of video posts. To summarize the top answer there:

The important thing isn't the equipment but the intention.

For example, a question about 24fps vs. 30fps is off-topic, as is a question about recording audio audio. Both of these are irrelevant to still photography, regardless of what's behind the lens.

On the other hand, lighting questions have a broad overlap, as do filtering, or questions about exposure and composition generally.

If the only relation to still photography is that it's using a DSLR body more typically used for stills, that's probably not quite enough to make it on topic. Perhaps the best rule of thumb will always be:

Can I use this information in still photography?

So: Lighting, yes; composition, usually; audio, no; lenses, yes; etc.

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