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Depending on what the quality control is like for new lenses - most likely a few specimens are pulled off the line and tested - it's possible that refurbished lenses can generally be be more reliable than new, in that they get more fully bench tested compared to new lenses that go out the door. I would think a refurb would be less likely to have issues with ...


Generally (I can't speak for Nikon) refurbished equipment is used\broken\defective equipment that has been returned to a manufacturer. The manufacturer will then refit, clean, and repackage the item to factory specifications (as if it were new) and then sell it at a discounted price. Refurbished items generally have a shorter warranty, but since they ...


"Is it worth buying a 5D Mark I or an EOS 1Ds II today?" Of course it is. And it is now 2015! As an earlier commenter said, they were great cameras when they first appeared, and they are still great cameras now. 12Mp or 16.7Mp is a lot of pixels ... more than enough for very big prints or a double magazine spread and massively more than you need for a ...

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