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To give you a personal example, I've been using a Canon 30D for about 8 years and it now has an estimated shutter count well over 100 000 (I haven't been keeping perfect track, but I have somewhere around 250 000 images stored with a large number of them being from that camera body). I also have a Canon 5D Mk1 with around 100 000 shutter actuations. The ...


If your friend is truly referring to photographers that take thousands of images per week, yes they likely will wear out the shutter in about a year or so. Note that the shutter can be replaced for a reasonable cost. Most amateurs don't take thousands of photos a week and even many working pros do not outside of some specific areas such as action and ...


Few professional photographers actually wear out their cameras. Those who do can easily afford the $300-$400 cost of a new shutter. The real reason photographers replace their cameras so often is that new features and image quality improvements are constantly being implemented rendering older cameras obsolete almost as soon as they are released.


Nothing gets broken, but the shutter will wear out. If you take a look at DSLR second hand sales (like eBay) you will notice either the seller specifying the shutter count, or someone interested asking about it. As some tutorial websites are saying, shutter count is like the mileage at a car. Digital Photography School The inner workings of a camera ...

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