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You can use an USB hub on your tablet, I have a similar setup with my (rooted) Nexus 7 to read different USB key and it works. However, you may have power issues if you are using a hard drive. The power output of your tablet is probably about 500mA. Check the consumption of your HDD. If it's higher or close to 500mA, you will have to use some external power ...


You can actually charge any battery with a cut open USB cord, it shouldn't harm your battery as the charging current us far below the charger the camera actually uses (but no guarantee, so be careful). If you rally can't find any other option you can cut open your USB cord and find the black and the red wire inside it. Red is positive, black is negative, ...


Perhaps a small power inverter and a solar panel would serve your needs. This would allow you to use your existing charger regardless of whether you have access to power or not


Personally I wouldn't protect them as the USB connectors pair comes apart easily rather than either causing a trip hazard which might cause personal injury OR risk knocking or transferring shock loads into your equipment at one or both ends of the cable. The fact that they are coming undone suggests there's enough stress on the cable to risk damaging ...

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