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Not sure about shooting Video, but to capture the image from the GoPro Hero4 Black, we can now put it in WiFi Mode and connect to the computer that way.. There is a software application in BETA that was recently released that lets you capture the image, store it and makes a timelapse.. Pretty slick considering the awesome resolution of the GoPro :) ...


In addition to Caleb's answer, maybe your problem is neither the camera, nor the wire. Maybe the problem is your PC and/or USB port. So please try connecting your 6D with another PC. Also you can try to put the SD card in another PC.


Do you have any other idea that can help? The easiest method is to take the SD card out of the camera and stick it in the SD slot in your computer, or if you don't have a computer equipped with such a slot, into the SD slot of a memory card reader. Cheap readers cost as little as $5; better ones read faster, work with more kinds of cards, and cost maybe ...

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